Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Are We Terrorists?

Listening to Noam Chomsky speak is like all my own thoughts that I've had but promptly forgotten put into words. He wrote a book on 9/11 that consisted of his interviews because he was sick of getting idiots throwing conspiracies at him, the man likes facts and reality not what you think might have happened. Where are all the facts that prove Bush and Cheney faked the deaths of those on the planes and switched out the planes for missiles (obviously using film editing) because blowing up New York buildings made them hard? 

Occam's razor says that truthers are morons. They just remember the events, they don't look at the why this happened unless it's to shout New world order! 

In 2001 Clinton had done a lot of work on bringing Israel and Palestine to peace, he did it with Northern Ireland (we fucked it up when he left) so anything was possible. The usual atrocities were being carried out there with the tit for tat killings, a Jewish settler clubbing an Arab child to death and getting 6 months community service, IDF soldiers shooting babies and Palestinian suicide bombers ... the usual shite. 

Right winger Ariel Sharon becomes Prime Minister of Israel and Gaza gets the fuck bombed out of it again. Yasser Arafat calls for a ceasefire after 19 Israelis are killed in a disco by a suicide bomber. Arafat starts to look like the good guy and even the US supports him somewhat when he calls for a monitoring force to oversee the fragile Middle East ceasefire. 

That is major considering it's a Bush admin. Bush knows that the Jews have to be in Jerusalem in order for Jesus to re-appear riding the Easter bunny .... everyone knows that. 

 Hey bitches I'm back, what are those black things you are pointing at me, what do they do? 

Now for the important part. Yasser Arafat was very powerful and was gaining in popularity, the last thing the US and Israel wanted was the Arabs united. The peace stalls of course and while hi-jackers were taking hold of some planes on 11th September 2001, two dozen Israeli tanks were rolling into the West Bank. 

I was in Callyfornia training the LAPD to actually hit the unarmed people they were shooting at ... fucking amateurs. After 9/11 struck the whole cuntry was in shock. The isolated all powerful god known as the US of A had been made to bleed ..... and if it bleeds, you can kill it. 

Americans were soft as they didn't have any natural predators in the werld so they looked around wildly for leadership ...... and nothing. 
The White House was quiet, all the brave chicken hawks were hiding in safe locations trying to figure out how to make the best of this situation, what did the people want, how can we make money? .... Eventually the people were told that they wanted justice, but wild west style justice. 

  Osama causing an oil slick that killed one million baby sea birds. 

The name Osama Bin Laden was used by all news outlets almost immediately after the event. With a terrorist strike it isn't like conventional war, you don't have military installations and an opposite government to attack back. 
The Bush admin decided it was Osama, the man himself denied it but praised the actions of those who carried it out. We last saw Osama in Afghanistan when the CIA gave him a load of weapons and said, "now be good, see you later" so Bush contacted the Afghanistan government and declared something like, "if you don't hand over Osama who we believe is in Afghanistan as well as some others we don't like you'll be sorry, there will be no hiding place for terrorists and those cuntries that harbor them are the enemy."    

Have you ever tried to hunt down terrorists? They blend into the population and may even have supporters that will hide them, then if you thousands of miles of backwards butt fuck mountains to hide in. The Tallyban (whom the US put into power) said "wha?" you might as well go blame Albania for 9/11.
1949 - 1953 The US and the UK worked to overthrow the communist Albanian government by training exiles to stir up dissent. These exiles included collaborators during the German occupation and one Xhafer Deva who oversaw the deportation of "Jews, Communists, partisans and suspicious persons" to Auschwitz. He was one of the 743 Nazi war criminals recruited by the US after WWII. 

The Tallyban said they didn't have him and if they did they wouldn't give him over since there was no proof.
Noam Chomsky said that this demand from the US was nothing more than a terrorist threat. I remember thinking it was something a bully would do but then again I equate cowardly terrorists with bullies. Both are bogged down with issues that cloud their thinking and an over inflated sense of importance.

Then Bush picked on Saddam and accused him of having weapons of mass destruction .... it was all very random but if you spoke up during that time you'd be branded as unpatriotic. Those invasions were wrong, there is no getting around that, now Hilary who voted for them will be the next preez while Sanders who did the right thing and voted against them won't be. Do the American voters enjoy being manipulated and made to look like the dicks of the werld? 

Why do Americans think that patriotism is backing everything your cuntry does like a good little soldier? In that case the Nazis were patriots. 
I, like many others would like to think that my cuntry was one of the good guys but its actions don't back that up. Regan and Thatcher supporting Apartheid and backing dictators because they were anti commie. The US bombing Cambodia in 1969 with more bombs than was dropped on Germany and Japan in WWII and falsifying the records to hide the slaughter of half a million people. 

We aren't the good guys, we are well compromised. People like Augusto Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi or King Fahd of Saudi Arabia are all let to do what they wanted to do as long as it suited us. 
Even today our governments ignore the street executions in Saudi ... now that right there is full on terrorist shit, ask the ISholes if you think it isn't.   

The Middle East is well destabilized, Obama has put it into the public's mind that Iran may get nukes some day with his deal ..... nicely played. All the Arab nations that don't play ball are in chaos, there is no Arafat to unite them. Al-Baghdadi, is he still a thing? Assad is the new Saddam and Osama and what has he done besides been a dictator? He isn't Sunni and is allied with Iran and Israel don't like him when he's strong that's what. 

Why did ISIS go into Syria when they didn't have all of Iraq? Fighting a war on two fronts makes you weaker and more vulnerable .... just ask Bush. It's almost as if their purpose was to give us a reason to go into Syria. 

In 1973 Israel told the US that if they didn't get supplies airdropped they'd have to use their secret nukes during the Yom Kippur war. Nixon gave in of course and now we know that Israel have as many as 400 nuclear weapons. That was a terrorist demand. 

 I don't support the Palestinians or the Israelis, I just like hot chicks in uniform. 

The UK is as usual the lap dog to the US and we are looking for justification to bomb Syria even though we've been bombing it for a while. Bombs are used to obliterate the enemy and their resources and to demoralize the troops and civilians, when we bomb Syria we could be killing anyone, is this justifiable or have we become like the Israelis that use tanks with flechette anti-personnel rounds in crowded streets near schools and hospitals? The more you wound the more resources you drain and tie up. 

It's terrorism when they do it but counter-terrorism when we do it. There is no 'well they started it' crap because if you dig deep enough you'll see that we may have started it. We use drones to kill whoever we want, we set up and train rebels to overthrow governments and then lightly invade them because airstrikes isn't really invading right? 

It's a difficult thing to admit but we are as much terrorists as the ISholes are. 


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