Friday, 4 December 2015

A Terrorist By Any Other Name

What is a terrorist and terroism? It's defined as someone (usually a member of a group) that uses violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. 

Or it's a method of governing or of resisting a government. 

Americans like to brand and name things and while in Northern Ireland we called our home grown terrorists, 'terrorists' and 'paramilitaries' the Americans use Domestic terrorist as if it's a type of beer to distinguish them from the fancy imported foreign terrorists. Terrorism is all new and shiny to the Americans ... ah bless.

Then you have the race thing in which people insist on calling every white shooter a Christian terrorist because you have the others being called Islamic terrorists. When the school shooters shout 'God is great' then I might then consider that label.   

The Islamic terrorists are letting their form of Islam define them while spree shooters are mostly defined by their poor mental health leading them to find purpose from other sources. GOP rhetoric, Fox news, the voices in their heads.  

The FBI have a criteria for terrorism,  it has to 'Involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law' ... well that's most violent crimes.   

To be a terrorist according to the FBI their acts also have to appear to intend to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion and means of mass destruction and assassination. 

Depending on whether it's within national boundaries makes it domestic or foreign. 

Sporadic violent acts against something they don't like can be classed as terrorism to the FBI. The Planned Parenthood shooter was against what? Abortion or Planned Parenthood's policy of selling fetus samples for research purposes? 
Not a very well thought out plan, it sounds more like he got sucked into the world of hatred that surrounds Fox News and all the PP hatred. Hospitals also sell parts, adult and baby parts, how do you think we have medical advances? 
It was a video and Conservative rhetoric that brought about this shooting as it influenced someone who was not all there to take action. If you are shown "proof" and hear everyday that someone is evil then you'll eventually believe it. 

Doing this fits in with the coercion of the civilian population but not the violence. Robert Lewis Dear fits in with the violence but not the coercion, saying "no more baby parts" to people he is going to kill is his agenda or his stand but not coercion, he isn't trying to make them stop by intimidation if he intents on killing them anyways.

It's a stretch to call him a terrorist considering how many nutters get a gun and shoot people in the US. 
You could call him a terrorist as any X-box player with a plastic mask can call themselves Anonymous or how Bruce Jenner can call himself a woman ....Just because you say it in a high pitched voice doesn't make it so.  

 Support the troops huh.

Timothy McVeigh was a 2nd amendment fanatic white supremacist with anti-government leanings. He actually targeted the government by blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995. McVeigh had written threatening  letters to the ATF and carried out the bombing on the two-year anniversary of the Waco siege, he put time and effort into his campaign and was quite political, he can rightly be called a terrorist.  

He called himself an agnostic but was raised Catholic and took last rites before his execution so call him Christian if you want to.  

The whole calling white people a terrorist wasn't a thing years ago, nuts with guns were just that. Some nuts were racist but mostly they were just nuts. 
Dylann Roof wanted to start a race war, so did Charles Manson, where they terrorists? .... nah just wankers. Calling these people terrorists implies thought and planning behind their actions but they were just drugged out criminal dirtbags who thought they were someone.

Jared Lee Loughner tried to kill a US Representative but killed 6 others around her, she was wounded. Not terrorism because yet again he was a drugged out paranoid nutter.  He just happened to hate a politician but it could have been a movie star or singer. 

The IRA .... the Irish Republican Army were home grown white people who wanted (and still do) the Brits out of Northern Ireland. They were identified as being a Catholic group because as like the Middle East the battle lines are drawn along sectarian lines. GET USED TO IT, RELIGION FUCKS THINGS UP. 

People were killed merely for being Protestant or Catholic, even if they were just normal civilians. Both sides demonized each other as like the Israelis and the Palestinians do. Old Knudsen's granny claimed that Catholics had tails like the Devil.

As like the ISholes the IRA and their Protestant counter parts surrounded themselves in their cause. Changing their names to the Gaelic pronunciation and complaining about the Queen or joining a Loyalist band they had all the trappings which they let define them. 

These nuts in the US let their paranoia and psychosis define them, being Christian and Conservative is just a part of that low brow mindset as is being Muslim and Conservative ... not really free thinkers, they tend to be followers rather than leaders and told what to think. Once you go full retard then you get labeled way faster. 

Defining yourself by being in opposition to another, that is the classic CIA tactic of overthrowing governments, they create an opposition and people will fight and die for it .

It's up to the sane people to not fall for the programming and the 'they get called this but we get called this' crap. Comparison is the thief of joy but can also rob you of your logic. Soon police reports will be on the look out for a person .... rather than giving a description of race and gender, kinda dumb. 

Not all men are rapists and pedos ..... though some are. Not all Muslims are terrorists .... though some are. Not all Catholics are members of the IRA .... though some are. Not everyone in an organised religion is a fairytale loving moron ..... though some are.

Not all nut jobs with a gun are terrorists either ..... though some are.         

I keep saying it, "Judge people for what they do, not what they are."  


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