Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Women Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When I discovered that Buffy the vampire slayer wasn't an idiot teen show I started watching it a couple of seasons late. It was an intelligent and funny show which hinted at the genius of show creator Josh Whedon. Even if you don't like the Avengers you have to admit that Toy story and Firefly are genius.
 The title of the show no doubt put a lot of people off but if you give it a chance you soon found it to be a gem that stood above many other shows in quality in regards to the writing and acting and is still watched and talked about today long after its ending in 2003. It's #2 on Empire's 50 greatest shows of all time. Pangs from season 4 should be watched every Thanksgiving instead of Charlie Brown.   

Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy, a ditzy teenager who unknown to her had the destiny to be a Slayer. A Slayer is the chosen one, endowed with ancient demonic power to be used to destroy evil such as vampires and various other creatures that want to feed on humans, there can be dozens of potential Slayers but only one Slayer at a time. Buffy shoulders this responsibility like a teen would, a little hit and miss but eventually grows into the role of a champion.

There are so many well done fake photos of SMG ... this is probably fake. 

Williow was Buffy's best friend. A book worm nerdy type she became a powerful witch. Her character became the first show to develop a gradual and full-blown lesbian relationship between two of the major characters.

Alyson Hannigan went on to appear in American pie and How I meet your mother. She married an actor who appeared on Buffy and the spin off Angel. This is probably a fake picture too.

In the show her girlfriend Tara was also a witch.

Cordelia Chase was an annoying bimbo on the outside of the inner circle of main characters. She eventually became more of a likeable character and moved onto to the Angel spin off show.  

Not a fake pic, taken from the movie Bound.

Kendra was a Slayer from Jamaica (with a terrible accent) who was activated when Buffy died but she was then resuscitated with CPR. Kendra was killed by the vampire Drusilla.

When Kendra was killed Faith was activated as a Slayer. Used by evil to fight Buffy she eventually becomes good. There would have been a Faith spin off but the actress had better things to do. 

Anyanka was a vengeance demon who was turned human. She eventually aligned with the good guys. Famous for her phobia of midgets and bunnies. 

Glory was an ancient god in the shape of a hot chick and sometimes in the form of a bloke when her power was low. She was the big bad of the 5th season. Buffy defeated Glory causing her to turn into her male weak counterpart Ben. Buffy told Ben to leave and never come back but when Buffy left, her watcher/mentor Giles killed Ben because while Buffy is a hero who couldn't kill already defeated foes, Giles was a realist and knew Glory would come back. Buffy ends up giving her life to close a portal thus saving the world .... again.

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