Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Visitor Who Wasn't There


I had been blessed with visions and spirits for most of my life that it had become pretty commonplace. Coincidentally I had stopped getting as many when my doctor put me on Sinestro to help with my moods and to stop the voices so I could sleep but here was a spirit.

The ancient Celts believed they could see the spirit world from the corners of their eyes. I had been seeing heads pop around door ways and hallways for years and when I turn my head to look they had gone. For some reason they always liked doorways.
They always gave me the impression of someone looking for their room or class, they popped their head in and everyone in the room turned to look at them causing them embarrassment that they can not leave fast enough.

Now as I stood in the car park of Tesco early in the morning I could see a figure in my peripheral vision. Blurred as they always are when you aren't looking directly I could make out a shape of a person without trying to look at it for as soon as I tried to sneak a glance it would be gone. I got the feeling that the figure to my left and just behind me was a male .... was it my father, was he here to answer those late night drunken questions I tormented myself with, like was he ever proud of me at all?

Could it be my uncle, here to tell me where he hid all that Nazi gold that went missing during his watch?

Did I see movement? I'm trying so hard not to look at it or it will vanish just like all the rest. I can contain myself no longer, what other worldly message did this spirit bring? I spun my head around and looked straight at it in the hopes that my boldness would be forgiven.

It did not vanish, it did not start to fizzle away into nothingness it stood there bold and defiant, it had come to me for a reason and now I'd finally know.

Hey mister, mister, ya gat a spare feg?

It was merely a yokel, I would use my superior intellect and rapier sharp wit on it. Ach fuck aff ya wee spidey cunt, away an get a jab for fucks sake ..... and would it hurt you to call me dad just once?  

And this is me on meds, no wonder me doctor calls me the human train wreck and shakes his head a lot.


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