Monday, 2 November 2015

Say No To Cats

A man from Northern Ireland has decided to boycott cats. Sick of seeing calls to boycott Israel or chocolate manufacturers he demands action on a real issue that counts.

"If I can use my celebrity connections to get rid of these fleabags then so be it" said Soren Knudsen.

On his online petition that had over 3 signatures he calls for the removal of cats and he states a very good argument for his cause.

Being a disabled, alcoholic veteran with PTSD and herpes I feel as if I've been targeted by these fur balls of evil: 
Cats are mean selfish creatures who were responsible for the bubonic plague because they were too lazy to kill the rats. They spray my recycling bins and front door with piss and shit on my front lawn. If you pick up cat poop then lick yer fingers you my very well go blind ... Toxoplasma bitches, look it up. 

Andrew Lloyd Weber is a cunt and he made a musical about cats ... strange that. Grumpy cat stole my thing, Old Knudsen was saying fuck off and die long before it was popular. Have you heard cats having sex? aye rub it in ya fuckers. When they have sex the whole street knows about it.

No one tells Old Knudsen that he has to like cats, especially black ones during Halloween time because dogs are better and that is a scientifically proven fact.    

Ever wonder who fills up the Internet with cats? .... cunts, that's who. If you have a cat, a hamster and a goldfish eventually you'll just have a cat.  
Cats are master manipulators and have enslaved many in abusive one sided relationships. If a person treated another person the way a cat treats them they'd kick them to the kerb. Who shits in a tray in the kitchen for fucks sake? .... the fucken Italians, that's who.     

Send them to China, Korea or Vietnam where they would be put to good use. 

Mr Knudsen hopes that his protest will encourage others who have been victimized by cats to come forward and take a stand.


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