Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Russia The New Good Guy

 Hey Obama, you suck! 

Can you feel it, the shift in perception that somehow makes Russia into the good guy? Thanks to GW Bush and that idiot Blair the US and the UK got turned into bad guys. Suddenly we were giving Gaddafi prisoners for him to torture in return for oil drilling and inviting him to the G8 like a world leader rather than some paranoid sick fuck in a dress. It was Obama and Brown at that summit in Italy in 2009 and Gaddafi was the President of the African Union. 

Edward Snowden ended up in Russia after he stood up for the human rights of his fellow American, just like the twisted way that Assange is in the Ecuador embassy to avoid prosecution, both have gone to nations that have worse human rights records than their own countries which says a lot about us. I doubt that either would get proper justice if caught, those two are already guilty, they just have to have the trials. 

Soviet Russia was a super power feared by the west. Older Russians are proud of that and are nostalgic for the past, except for the whole being killed if you spoke out thing. Even though the economy of Russia has been pretty good up to recently they think that tough guy Putin is weak and some complain how he is in the pocket of the Jews .... yes, that old chestnut. 

No sign of Putin but there are the North Koreans.     

You must find Putin or I'll have you executed. 

Ach there he is .... behaving like a fucking Bond villain.

Putin tries hard to appear like a tough guy. He gets photographed with leopards and wolves. 

 Or wrestling a bear! 

His propaganda news channel Russia Today tells of Russia's successes and is very quick to diss the west and to have westerners dissing the west. Russia bombed 258 ISIS targets in Syria and US police keep killing unarmed black men and what about poor Chelsea Manning? 

Russia is the voice of reason, Muslims aren't trying to blow up their buildings. If Chelsea Manning was in Russia she'd be treated like an outcast, not getting free gender therapy and how many Russian whistleblowers have you even heard of? 

Homosexuality was decriminalized in the 90's but in 2014 new laws banned any homosexual propaganda in order to protect minors. That means no ghey pride parades and non-traditional relationships are not allowed in public, the west calls that family values. It's only a matter of time for Russia to take children away from ghey parents, it's a bill that keeps getting presented. 
Hate crimes and discrimination is on the rise because of government laws treating gheys as second class citizens that they seem to be fair game to target.   

You don't really hear much day to day news from Russia. Did I mention the racism? Rossiya dlya russkikh which means "Russia for Russians." White Russians are all suspicious of the Central Asians, Caucasians, Ukrainians, Armenians and even the Jews. All have their derogatory names Churki, Khachi, Khokhly and Zhidy for the Jews.
Russia doesn't have bigotry or hate crimes .... because there are no anti-discrimination laws to deal with it so therefore it doesn't exist.

Putin likes selfies, especially ones that show how diverse Russia is, there are blondes and brunettes. Putin only sees black or brown people when he has foreign guests or goes aboard. There is a reason why Russia is usually in the top 3 of lists for worse countries for black people to visit. 

Russia poisons spies in London and invades Ukraine but as long as they keep pointing out how bad the west is then we begin to think that maybe they aren't so bad. Russia are in Syria, now the US and the Arab coalition have to bomb more than Assad refineries. Iran are in Iraq and Yemen, that means Russia is too. The Iraq government have told the Pentagon that while they want the US to train their troops they don't want any more ground forces, thanks but no thanks, we'll let you know. The US has 3,300 troops in Iraq and were talking about increasing troop levels in Iraq and Syria.  Consider this a slap down.

Iraq have had Iranian help against ISIS and with Iran and Russia getting involved the US is slipping as the main player in the Middle East, even Russia and Iran's other ally China is getting involved which had the US quickly sending a warship to the south China sea as a show of strength.  

If you thought the wars of terror were un-winnable before, well we've just lost them but are still allowed to send funding and equipment .... that's nice.  

You can't trust the US, UK or the Arab coalition. You certainly can't trust Turkey, the Kurds or our moderate Islamic rebels that keep going over to ISIS after we train them. You certainly cannot trust Russia. Even during their parades for veterans they have fake veterans.

This woman went from Colonel to General in a year and wore top medals that there are no record of having been given out. As you can see she picks and chooses what medals to wear each year rather than wear all her medals as any real soldier would do. The only thing you can be sure of is that she is ex-KGB.


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