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Is All Life Precious?

 American Express, Walkers never leave home without it.

Old Knudsen has said many times that you can get wisdom from anywhere, you just have to be open to it. This wisdom can come from a cliche used by the fucking Powerpuff gurls or a Facebook meme, it can also come from someone you hate or an enemy if it gets you thinking. Bill Nye the science guy says, "Everyone that you'll ever met will know something that you won't" it may not be ground breaking shit but it shows that you don't know everything and there is always something to learn ... should you want to. By Googling FB memes Old Knudsen learns that some people will believe anything if they like it.

In The Walking Dead we were all waiting for the Glenn cliffhanger to confirm that a long time character was actually dead but instead we got a back story from another character .... this is why video piracy rocks, imagine paying for a back story you could have done without or most of last season to be honest. 

Morgan (the black dude) lost his wife and son to the apocalypse and went a little nuts, he made it his mission to "clear" (kill) anyone that got in his way, friend or foe. He happens upon Drew Carey's brother (John Carroll Lynch) who is named Eastman in The Walking dead.

Eastman has a goat named Tabitha so he must be an ok guy.     

Eastman knocks the shite out of Morgan with a stick when Morgan tries to kill him. He then puts Morgan in a cage in his home and feeds him trying to make Morgan a friend than enemy. Eastman was a Psychotherapist working with criminals in prison before the Apocalypse, his wife and children were killed by a serial killer just before everything went to shit so he's had a rough time of it, he also suffers from male pattern baldness so yeah, God was indeed cruel to him.

He tells Morgan that humans are not meant to kill which is why they suffer from PTSD afterwards. Eastman says he has come to discover that all life is precious and so will never kill ... which is why he's a vegetarian. 
He says PTSD is like a door in yer head that you go through to visit all the terrible times, you keep going through it thinking that maybe this time won't be so bad but it is and then you stop going through the door and just stay there in the past. 

With PTSD something bad could have happened 30 years ago but when you relive it in yer head you feel the fear and emotions as if you were living it for the first time. Many things can trigger it like a song, a phrase, a noise or place. 
Maya Angelou had a quote that Old Knudsen thinks applies to his own PTSD, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

After years of trying to not remember details of events Old Knudsen is left with how it made him feel.     

They did this cool shit with the camera that blurred the edges when Morgan went into his PTSD panic/killing mode.     

One stage during one of Morgan's rages against a walker the bleating of the goat brought Morgan into the present, it was like those PTSD dogs that detect when their owner is having an attack and licks them to get them out of it. 

Eastman teaches Morgan Akido which is a marital arts discipline. You have to show as much concern and respect for the life of yer enemy as you do yer own. You don't kill or disable yer opponent you redirect them. Akido practitioners defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury. Sounds like a good way to get killed.
Compare that to Krav Maga which tries to finish the fight as quickly as possible, sometimes preemptively striking and going for the most vulnerable parts of the body to neutralise the threat.The military in general doesn't cry over hurting the opponent.

The Walking dead and Eastman have no issues about killing walkers. What if they are fully conscious but not in control of their bodies? Eastman doesn't have any issues with eating vegetables either, they are alive right?

Old Knudsen stopped hunting and fishing years ago because he didn't like killing animals that he didn't have to kill. Killing a sand shark to use as bait or a fluffy bunny that the landowner would eat. Since then he has had to put the odd bird out of its misery, taken pets to be euthanized, he kills slugs and snails like nobody's business to save his plants and of course he kills by proxy every time he buys a burger or a pack of chicken. 

Is all life precious? 

To whom, to God? ... lets deal in realism here and leave imaginary friends out of it. Why create death if life was soo precious, huh God? .... you big loser.

When I do my big deep as fuck thinking I do it as a tiger or some other wild animal, not as a human. This is because we have set up so many artificial rules of etiquette and standards. Do you give up yer seat on the subway because a woman who is 3 months pregnant has a 'baby on board' badge on her coat? I've worked with heavily pregnant women who would tell you to fuck off if you tried to help them. What about equality? .... see what I mean about human vs animal thinking? 

To answer the question you give up or at least offer yer seat to a female, badge or no badge, do not expect them to appreciate it though, they may think it's part of the male superiority thing in where you are looking down on females as the weaker sex. Not so but what can you do? You also don't hit women either ... unless they are trying to harm you that is.

Just text £3 a month to give this tiger clean drinking water.

A tiger does not feel the urge to give up its seat for anyone. You are a threat, food or something to hump. Some animals have smaller creatures that eat bugs off them or cleans up their skin, these smaller creatures don't get killed because they are valued.
A tiger's eyes are on the front of its head like humans, that means a hunter. If a tiger wants food it goes and gets it, like humans but instead of ripping a gazelle apart we pierce the plastic and cook for 3 minutes, the killing has been done for us because we are advanced .... not civilised though.

Life being precious is like someone being beautiful. I think that Cara Delevingne is a minger but she's a model, actress and singer, I don't get it. Are the people that died in that Russian plane crash precious to me? Are the people that died during 9/11 precious to me? While I feel empathy and compassion for them they don't keep me awake at night .... what about you?

Their families and friends may feel differently of course. The WWI epitaph from a father, "To the world he was a soldier, to me he was the world."    

We say, 'thanks for dying, great sacrifice' and wear a poppy, job's a good un. We may feel bad that people had to go through the wars but unless we are emotionally invested we give lip service, nothing more to them.

A news article on FB about a couple drowning on their honeymoon when they swam out to sea in South Africa had people offering their condolences ... to who? I know if someone dies I go to the comment section for grief counseling and comfort. One woman took exception at me asking what where they thinking? Lucky I didn't offer them the Darwin award but I was being um polite.
Many stories about tragedies fail to dwell on the stupid actions that got them there such as drinking too much or driving too fast.  

  Two pics I found that were used to manipulate your feelings,  removing the mother and making the soldier bigger makes for a more dramatic picture don't you think?

What about those that care more than others? Well good for them, how they can make it through the day without breaking down into tears all the time is beyond me. On social media people try to make themselves appear better and more caring I guess.

If I see one more innocent Palestinian child whose only crime was trying to stab a Jew I'll shoot them myself. Remember the movie the Untouchables? "They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way!"  It's also the Israel way and the way in many places in the world but people are sooo advanced ... (not civilised) that this way is revolting to them unless it's a movie.
In 1985, four Soviet diplomats were abducted by Hezbollah, they killed one of them so the Soviets met up with Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Fadlallah and suggested that they might mistakenly fire a missile at his home which shook up the Ayatollah as no one speaks to him like that. They then got a relative of a known Hezbollah fighter and sent his balls and then his body to Hezbollah and sure enough the 3 remaining diplomats were dropped off at the Soviet embassy. This is probably the reason that most radical Islamists don't mess with Russia.

Out of sight out of mind. If there weren't constant cameras taking pics of innocent Palestinians getting shot by evil Israelis or US cops slamming teenage girls to the ground would anyone really care? My news feed would be so much more pleasant.

Do you see these trendy activists concerned about the homeless children in Burundi? It's on the brink of civil war again and 200, 000 have fled the cuntry. What about the 3,421 former child soldiers that de-armed that are now living in poverty and forced into child labour now? .... you know what I never see on social media? Burundi, that's what .... fucken racists going on about Palestine. 

It's like when a cute white child gets abducted and spends a year in the spotlight but a black or brown child is lucky to get 2 weeks. The hypocrisy does annoy Old Knudsen cos then you have these people denouncing you for not giving a rat's arse about someone half way across the world that you don't know and that you don't even know the full story about ... just the altered pics on the Interwebs or slant from fake news sites. 

Who gives a fuck if so and so did or didn't wear a poppy? Then you have the weeping vaginas that wear the white poppies for peace, lets have a black poppy for nukes cos why have them if we don't use them?  

Trendy activists (especially on social media) are telling you they are superior for feeling bad for a Palestinian kid throwing petrol bombs for Hamas and shaming others that think if he was shot would it be a big loss to the world and where are the parents? 7 billion people in the world, better start the cull somewhere.

All life isn't precious, its value is subject to how you feel. Vegetarians don't care about plant life, most people don't care about the fly squished or the pig when the bacon is on yer plate. If Donald Trump dropped dead of a heart attack would you cheer like some did when Margaret Thatcher died or when Ian Paisley died? 

Like everything, we pick and choose what we value. Old Knudsen values doing the right thing but life won't always let him and the right thing for one person might be different for another. Yes, sometimes the right thing isn't very nice, killing one person so many can live.

No one alive today really thinks that all life is precious, they have made their choice as to what level they will take it to but they have made the decision to value their own life above others. Ignore the suffering that went to making yer smartphone, computer, TV or coffee, you have made the choice that there are winners and losers and continue to keep choosing no matter what boycott you announce. 

Some lives are more precious than others I guess, it's good that most of us don't have to make the decisions that count in the real world . 

A tiger thinks that a sinner and a saint all tastes like chicken anyways.      


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