Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Insurgents: The True Hollywood Story

Allah made me photogenic and gave me trigger discipline so I can kill the infidels.  

The attacks in Paris got me thinking, the passport of one of the attackers found has the tinfoil hat people comparing it to the passport found during the 9/11 attack ... very convenient that it survived. Well the news sources didn't say who it came from, it could have been the attacker that the police shot and how much of a passport do you need to be able to tell that it's a passport? Then there are people blaming the refugees (Rob lowe) and blaming Israel for the attacks rather than the blokes pulling the trigger.

The US gun nuts have been using this attack to promote giving everyone guns because gun free zones (most of Europe because we don't need gun courage) are dangerous, unlike battlefields and areas of Pakistan where everyone has a gun. I fully expect some nations to use this to not take in any refugees. So what about wee Alyn Kurdi? That sympathy didn't last too long. 


The nutjobs blaming Israel are onto the whole Mossad and the US created ISIS thing. Well I don't think they created them, the US certainly helped them along though. I give you the history that people no longer remember because they cannot see past 9/11. Most shit after 9/11 is dodgy and manipulated like fuck so you can't really use that as a source. 

If you ignore the creation of Israel then I can happily blame Soviet Russia for the ills of today.  It was the Soviets that destabilized the Middle East in a big way long before Bush ever got near it, he was busy in 1979 losing money for his investors with his Arbusto Oil company.  

During the cold war the Soviets didn't like how well the US was doing around the world, it was still clinging to its empire of communism in various countries. The communist government in Afghanistan was failing with rebels known as the Mujahideen fighting against it. The Mujahideen had some Afghani fighters but there were many from Saudi Arabia and Yemen too, they were trained and financed by Saudi, the US and our allies at the time Iran.   
Sure there were US "advisers" in Afghanistan otherwise known as the CIA and some soldiers working for them to train the rebels but it wasn't until the Soviets, at the behest of the Afghan government invaded for there to be a foreign military presence doing the fighting. 

After a long war which was won by MANPADS .... no that is not what Jeremy Corbyn puts in his underwear for his weeping vagina it stands for Man-portable air-defense systems. The Soviets were beaten by these US weapons. That is why they are so important in Syria today and why it's important to know what group has them.

Al Qaeda grew from the Mujahideen and took its name from the training camp were they were based. Afghanistan had a vacuum of power, much like what happened after Saddam and Gaddafi were killed. Warlords grew and factions were born all fighting against each other and then something even worse happened. In a Pakistan refugee camp (pay attention to this part about refugee camps) the Taliban were formed and took their extremist religious views to Afghanistan. 

So it was the Soviets that created Al Qaeda and without Al Qaeda you wouldn't have ISIL then ISIS and now the IS Caliphate or ISholes. 
Terrorist groups argue and splinter off and become new franchises of the groups that can have uneasy alliances if they have the shared enemy. Al Qaeda have been trying to open up new branches as if they were a Starbucks. You have the groups Boko Haram, the Pakistani Taliban, Al-Shabab, Al Nursa, all with the same theme and goals.
Like how Turkey were cool with the Syrian Kurds but not the Iraqi Kurds but now they hate both because they are working together so Turkey our ally is bombing an ally of ours .... perplexing huh.  

We may have helped Al Qaeda defeat the Soviets but we support Israel and that cannot be forgiven. After the Afghanistan war Iran changed hands and went from an ally to evil religious fanatics and Saddam went to war with them. The Middle East was even more destabilized long before the Arab spring. 

We totally fell for Al Qaeda's plans. Their grudge is us supporting Israel and not being Muslim, their messed up version of Islam, they also didn't like us helping/meddling in Kuwait in 1991. The wanted to provoke the west with an attack in order to get US boots on the ground so they would have someone to fight and an invasion would swell their ranks. 
Our leaders and military advisers not comprehending what a shit storm it would be thought it would be an easy win like in 1991. 
Our intelligence agencies were mostly full of white blokes who could speak Russian, they didn't have a clue about the Middle East.  

The Soviets couldn't take Afghanistan and Alexander the great couldn't hold on to it but the US believed the movies they made. 

Look at how the Bloody Sunday shootings in Northern Ireland swelled the ranks of the IRA, this isn't hindsight talking it's common sense of what happens when you invade another cuntry and shoot and torture its people. Those held in Gitmo still without being charged. We didn't ask for 9/11 but our behaviour since deserved a sound thrashing. 

Then Al Qaeda planned for various groups to pop up around the world to strike out. I'm very surprised there have not been more than there have been. 

The allies of the US would be attacked like the 2004 Madrid bombing that made Spain pull out of Iraq or the 2005 London bombing that made the British people say "fuck you towel heads" the Brits take a pride that they survived the German blitz and even the IRA bombings so wise up, we're used to this shit. Now France is getting it, I think it will strengthen their resolve considering how anti-Muslim they have become. 

Al Qaeda and now the IS seem to have the same strategy. After the allies are attacked and withdraw from the fighting the US will drain its finances even more and the economy will collapse, their time frame is to have this done by 2020. 
Laugh if you will but the Soviets were a super power until their 10 year war then their economy collapsed. Gee it's almost as if Al Qaeda (who came up with this plan) know their history. It's a sound plan if you have 9/11 sized attacks on the allies. 8 blokes with guns and grenades that blow themselves up when it gets too tough seems a little half arsed. 

Al-Zarqawi who took over from Osama had a 7 point strategy plan. We are in the fifth phase 2013 - 2016 in which they announce an Islamic Caliphate. They did that. 

The next phase is total confrontation between believers and non-believers. Expect to see more and more attacks against civilians, hate crimes as we civilised people in the west call them. 

The last phase is victory in 2020. The world will have been beaten down by then. If you read my blog on a regular basis you'll see I predict WWIII for 2020. This is based on nations building their super carriers and upgrading weapon systems that will be ready for 2020, a beaten down world is also more likely to attack each other even with failing economies, see the other world wars that were fought during depressions.  

Old Knudsen isn't trying to scare you even though he is taking night classes learning Arabic. The Al Qaeda and now IShole plan has been spot on since 2001 and has met its targets and goals. 

Look how weak the coalition is, it flip flops with boots on the ground and has lost a lot of ground to the Russians and Iranians, the US will get kicked out of Iraq by a government who will take the supplies and weapons but have new friends who can actually beat the ISholes. Killing Jihadi John achieved nothing. 

The US have expressed concern at how weak the UK is in military terms as it upgrades weapons, decommissions ships and cuts its military personnel. Turkey can't be trusted and as for Saudi .... they mostly rely on the US for protection and play both sides by financing terrorists.      

The French? While everyone is pretending to like them because of the latest tragedy we turn on those cheese eating surrender monkeys in a heart beat. Remember when they wouldn't join our illegal war in Iraq so we made French fries Freedom fries and poured French wine into the gutter? Well I remember. The Brits have a longer history of French hating. 

Even Old Knudsen has said, "it's a lovely cuntry, except for the people." I got lost in the Paris underground system so I didn't fall in love with it as everyone else seems to have.

So the Soviets created Al Qaeda who then created ISIL. The US funded, enabled and built up their hype in order to take away liberties and go where they wished to go. It isn't as easy as saying Mossad did this or that, they like the Saudis no doubt helped and enabled the group too.

Thank you Al Qaeda for being efficient and letting us know what is in store for us. If it was all US or Israeli created then I suspect it has gotten out of their control.   

What I want to know is how many of these terrorist attacks on the west were allowed to happen in order for government to make unpopular decisions and do some hospitals get bombed by accident on purpose if they think that US/coalition hatred in the area is waning? 

If only Obama hadn't gone after whistleblowers who had the public's best interest at heart so hard we may have gotten all those memos and deleted e-mails that detailed how insidious our own governments really are and who they'll sacrifice in order to collect data on its own people. 




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