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How To Survive A Terrorist Attack


You have more chance of dying in a car crash, or in hospital for what you thought was a routine procedure than you have in a terrorist attack. Terrorists aren't a new thing so don't go getting paranoid all of a sudden, you probably haven't even seen one .... unless you work in the city centre of Belfast and terrorists come into your place of work for lunch or to buy stuff. Like criminals these terrorists can have done their time and are out on the streets again and sit nervously in their car while they send their girlfriend into yer place of work.

I only want to pretend to kill the Fenian bastards this time, it's art so it is. 

Aye I'm looking at you Michael Stone, one of many scumbags released from prison early thanks to the Good Friday Agreement. In 1988 he attacked an IRA funeral with a pistol and grenades in which he killed 3 people. He also confessed to having shot dead 3 other people who he said were IRA though they weren't. At the funeral he was overpowered by mourners who made sure the fucker permanently walk with a limp from a dislocated thigh bone. Here he is getting pinned by an old man and a woman while trying to blow up Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. His court room defense was that he was only pretending and that it was performance art.

If only the M-60 you have had a handle at the front so then you could stop it from shooting up and out of control like that, you'll hit fuck all lad. 

Without pandering to gun loving Americans who are gun fighting legends in their own minds I'm dealing with "normal" life situations or as they call them with a sneer "gun free zones." How we Europeans have the guts to go to the supermarket without a Glock strapped to our cocks is beyond me .... oh that's right, we aren't wimpy pussies. We don't need gun courage, we get all our courage from being half drunk all the time.

If a terrorist opens fire you probably won't expect it, that's the shit they do. At the Bataclan concert the audience thought it was fireworks or a part of the show. Many people suffer from Cognitive dissonance in which the facts of reality are uncomfortable for them so excuses are made for it. No evidence that the Bible isn't made up bullshit or that Jesus even existed .... blah blah blah I'm not listening to you Satan.

Those who will think of the worse case scenario do have a better chance of survival, they won't hang around and wait for it to blow over cos it's probably nothing ....  maybe it's performance art.

Movie guns and real guns sound different, if you aren't used to real guns then you might not know the difference from fireworks but an AK-47 fires a seriously strong 7.62 X 39 round which is quite deafening and scary if you aren't used to weapons. It will make you jump.When a gun is fired listen for the recoil sound, at a short distance you won't really hear it but at 100 metres away there will be an interval of a second before you hear what I'd describe as a dull clunk, so you have the thud of the bang followed by a clunk. The longer it is to hear the clunk the further away it is, judge a second for every 100 metres before you hear the clunk, it's like counting thunder. 

Sometimes you just know who'll freeze and shit themselves.

You have the Freeze, Flight or Fight response. 15% of those caught in an attack will respond in a way that helps them survive, 75% will freeze and not react at all while the other 10% will react but in ways that reduces their chances and will get in the way of the 15% ers. In a crowd, people tend not to want to be the one who reacts first but if you've thought it through that won't apply as much.

Terrorists will always choose targets that don't or can't fight back, they are cowards. They'll get you when you are out shopping, riding the train or even while at a remembrance service for war dead. I cannot express just how much I really hate terrorists, almost as much as I hate pedos. The spree shooters in the US aren't terrorists as terrorists want the population to fear more attacks from their group though what I'll tell you here can be applied to those shootings too.

The Bataclan in Paris was dimly lit and crowded, most people froze or were unable to get away because of the crowd. Some did run for the exits or hid behind speakers and tables, they are the ones that lived to tell what happened. Some took the chance and ran when the gunmen reloaded and they reloaded many times and still managed to kill 89 people there. A bullet from an AK-47 will go through more than one person in a crowd, like fish in a barrel.
Some played dead because they realised that every time the shooters saw movement or heard a sound there would be a burst of fire in that direction.
If you can't flee then make yourself a small target, hide behind something and stay still. Even if it isn't a bullet proof block wall the shooter probably won't fire if you are out of sight.

If you decide that you won't go down without a fight and you go all Ben Carson on them, well it doesn't always turn out great but what have you got to lose? You might save someone else. Military training does help and so does others willing to back you up.

Number 6 is a 28 year-old French banker who tackled the gunman first.  

The heroes of the train shooting got the attacker when his weapon jammed, Mark Moogalian #4 was shot but survived. The shooter had other weapons but they were on him before he could get sorted out. The shooter was also poorly trained. Many factors can lead to success or failure.

Adel Termos a 32-year-old car mechanic and father of two is a hero for his actions during the Beirut attack that social media kinda ignored in favour of Paris. A guy was running down the hill shouting screaming "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar" and Termos pinned him down before he could get into a crowed mosque, the guy had an explosive vest on and killed them both. He didn't have to have a go but he did and he saved lives. That attack killed 41.

In Raiders of the lost Ark and the Michael Caine Movie The island you have people showing off their martial arts skills only to get shot, fighting is not a load of Kill Bill posing, get stuck in there and bite to kill if need be, honour and rules make you dead. 

To survive a terrorist attack you need to use some self defense, not grabbing pressure points to escape though everyone should know them just in case. 60 - 90% of communication is non-verbal so as in self defense the battle can be won if you avoid the fight completely by knowing the dangers. Why ignore 60 -90% of all information just because it isn't spoon fed to you?

When you walk down a street and there are a couple of dodgy blokes up ahead, you can change your route so you don't go past them and you can make it a point to always stay out of arms reach of doorways and parked cars, looking at your phone makes you a target who isn't paying attention. Don't be a Wild Bill  Hickok and sit with yer back to the room, have a wall at yer back and watch.

During my military training our class was interrupted by a bloke that had to talk to the teacher, after a minute he left and the class resumed. The teacher asked us to give a description of the man. Many of us just didn't even notice him, a nice trick, now I can give great descriptions. 

To get an idea of where you should be with paying attention go watch The Bourne Identity in which Jason Bourne tells the girl how he notices everything, it's his second nature to do so, it can be yours too with practice. When out and about you should size up the room or the bus or train etc, that means who is there, what is there and how can you escape if something happened, it's like being a prepper in yer mind. Preppers are slagged off for being nuts, while there may not be a WWIII until 2020 and zombies well don't exist they'll be ready for any other disaster while you die waiting on the government to help you so don't be so quick to slag them off just because nothing happens for a few years, being prepared takes the sting out of a nasty surprise.

Security operatives look for insiders and outsiders. The insider has the clothes, the I.D. to be there and fits in, outsiders are different and shouldn't be there.
You'd be stupid if you didn't use racial profiling but bear in mind that Dylann Roof doesn't look like any of these cunts so don't be stupid by thinking that every male of Middle eastern descent is a terrorist or every black guy wants to steal yer TV. Timothy McVeigh was a white army veteran Christian dude that blew up 168 people. Terrorists and other arseholes that kill come in all different flavours. Being white, a vet or a Christian doesn't mean shit, you get good and bad people everywhere.

Would you really trust a person who has to be told what is right or wrong from a holy book? ... one they probably have never read and really didn't understand what they did read because it is full of contradictory information.

Islam isn't violent, if the people who go into it are violent then they make 'their' Islam violent, just like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Even Atheists can be violent, there were plenty of Atheists in the IRA.       

Outsiders are easier to spot, a group of men having hushed private conversations in public or taking too much of an interest on what is going on around them. Maybe how they are dressed, could their clothes conceal weapons?
Insiders may also give off having a more informed awareness of what is going on or may be agitated yet not really doing anything.
A security operative such as a police officer has a duty to take an interest and going up and talking to them  may also give clues on what they are about by how they react, private people don't have this option but if they know something then informing the police is the best thing to do.

For self defense awareness you need to get a baseline feel of the place. This means thinking about what is normal. Standing in line for a coffee and looking at everyone doing their thing, once you have a baseline then spotting an anomaly becomes easier.

You already have a lifetime of looking at people so build upon that and start to notice them. Ask yourself What is going on here? look at people and the environment, guy in a suit checking his phone, chick with big norks standing in the street laughing, solitary blokes standing quietly holding backpacks at each exit point. What would make someone stand out? Nervous, agitated, quiet, young men watching a worker's every move when it isn't even a hot chick, someone walking off without their bag. What would I do about it? Asking that question puts you ahead of the crowd and less likely to freeze. Check all exits which may include staff only doors, if you have children with you then get them to safety above all else. Look for cover, tables, doorways, behind cars, anything that will block the line of sight and prevent you from being a target. What weapons do you have? Cutlery, a bottle, a walking stick maybe just keys. You also have nails, teeth, feet, a solid head and your biggest weapon of all yer brain .... some people have bigger weapons than others.

You don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to be faster than yer friends. In reality people still help others when faced with an attack, look to the heroes of 9/11 for some great examples of humanity.   

Old Knudsen enjoys watching people, not just strippers and it's amazing just how invisible you become at the mall by standing quietly out of the way. Where would a terrorist situate themselves? You wouldn't place yourself in amongst the targets, you'd be off to the side, maybe waiting for your buddies to get into place or for the place to fill up more.

The Paris killings had them just walking up and starting in for maximum effect and surprise, but the doors have to be open. People were watching football, eating or rocking out to notice. It would be natural to freeze at first as the first moments are the most dangerous and luck is the main factor for not getting it in the first wave of attack. A deer trapped in the headlights is easy to aim for.  

The chances of you being attacked by terrorists are slim, yer more likely get mugged or yer purse snatched. Being aware of your surroundings and things like why is this person in my peripheral vision talking an interest in me? It can all help. Who is watching you at the ATM? Who is standing behind you at the checkout? Who is rubbing their crotch and licking their lips as you are walking to yer car?  ... aye, that would be me.

Tis the season for stealing, the Christmas period means that many are not thinking about security and are carrying more money for presents. Coats, bags, phones and whatever is left unattended is ripe for the taking. While eating out, place bags in direct sight of you and not where people walk by, under the table is best.
Handbags have straps so keep them closed and zipped up and their strap inside the leg of yer chair by yer feet and wear them across yer body, not over one shoulder and also wear them towards the front of you with the flap against yer body if it has one.

If you are prepared for crime then it's a small step to be prepared for a terrorist attack. Being aware and paying attention can be pro active in preventing getting into trouble in the first place.   




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