Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dying Man Gets To Watch Batman V Superman and Spoils the Ending

Tom Wallis who says he is Batman's biggest fan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Not given long to live he really wanted to see the Batman v Superman movie that will be out next March but he didn't think he had that long.
Loved ones contacted Zack Snyder the director who confirmed that the movie was ready they just needed to add some more CGI explosions, make the editing a lot worse than it is and to make the fans wait even longer for no reason .... they might even just shelf the movie, depends how well Marvel does. 

Tom got to see the movie at a private viewing in Hollywood. "It was meh, too long and slow paced, I get it already, Superman is like a christ figure, bored now. Affleck was ok though he's no Christian Bale. I can't believe they had to kill off Lois Lane after she seduces the both of them in order for the two to become friends, you didn't even see her topless. I wanted Batman to beat Superman to show all those morons who think that Superman would win but now I go to my death without that question answered .... thanks a lot Snyder."

Still hanging onto life Tom has contacted Marvel studios to see if there was any chance of letting him watch Captain America: Civil War before he died as he is Captain America's biggest fan. 

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