Monday, 9 November 2015

Does Not Contain Corn Or Nuts

Hey there baby, I want to kiss your body all over then use your shite for toothpaste.  Who hasn't used that chat up line huh. You probably recognize Ken Shimizu a Japanese porn star from the picture ... yeah me neither since they all tend to look alike, is that racist? .... good.

Shimizu has set up a restaurant to let customers find out what shit tastes like. If people wanted to know that then surely they would pinch off a loaf onto a plate and get stuck in or maybe go along a popular dog walking route and find some ground chocolate as I call it. Old Knudsen may be full of shit but he does not eat it .... often. Check out my new video: One man, one cup and a Dalmatian named Drippy. 

     This curry tastes like shit .... thank you.

Yeah the Japanese are fucken weird I think we can all agree on that. Shimizu makes a curry with the taste and texture of shit and serves in in a urinal shaped dish, what no pineapple cubes? 
It's made with onion, carrot, minced chicken, bitter gourd, cocoa powder, bitter Japanese green gentian tea and curry powder. There is also a sun-dried salted horse mackerel called kusaya which smells like dog shit. Getting hungry yet? 

All those Weeaboos out there can become Weeapoos. 

I don't know if this is Shimizu but look at yer berd ..... dang! is the expression I believe. 

I don't know why people would go to a restaurant and eat food that would make you gag on purpose, like I said Japs are weird. Shimizu strangely enough won't get rich at this, he says it's just for fun. He's a bit of an expert at the old poopery eating, he's sampled 250 people's shite, not sure if this was a part of his porn werk or if he just likes it. 
How would you ask someone you just met if you could eat their poo? ... like Old Knudsen doesn't know. 

Go to the Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo for some really shit curry or you can just get a shite take away in yer home town. 
If you go, don't forget to leave a tip like 'don't give up yer day job'  well especially if it's porn. Porn actor by day, shit curry chief by nite, living the dream my slitty eyed little friend.      

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