Monday, 30 November 2015

Charlie Sheen Swallows The Gravy

It turns out that Two and a half men star Charlie Sheen sleeps around with prostitutes, has unprotected sex, does drugs, is a little crazy and lies .... stop the press!

He spent $1.6 million one year on hookers while HIV positive but insists he has never passed on the disease.
After saying how people were trying to shake him down for cash about his condition he came out and admitted he was HIV positive as $10 million was enough to pay to try to keep the diagnosis covered up. He has 3 ex-wives and 5 kids to pay for.
Sheen would never do anything like not tell a partner about a disease ...  well, except for the time he settled out of court for millions to a bloke he gave herpes to.

Now there are videos cumming out of sheen sucking on a crack pipe before he sucks on some other pipe in Vegas .... I'm sure he was quite honest about his health then.

This HIV news isn't a big shocker, in 2011 he also admitted to having tiger's blood which then made some of his former playmates get tested for that too.

Who cares what his sex life entails? Some people say if you knowingly pass on HIV then you should be tried for murder while others say the chances of passing it on are remote and with modern medicine you have a much longer life than you would have 30 years ago.

Just look at Sheen, his teeth have fallen out due to drug use, he has tours when his life is falling apart to show everyone what a mess he is in, you just know he sweats STD's and that his herpes probably has herpes. Is it any surprise he has a festering cock dripping with disease? He probably has a few that Old Knudsen doesn't have and that Errol Flynn would say, "how the fuck did you manage to get that one?" to.  

Anyone that thinks having sex with Sheen is a good idea can't be too bright. I think he's a liar and knew he was infected, the same way as he knew he has herpes, he's a tweaker with mental issues, of course he knew.

Sheen has always lived a self sabotaging life so why would you think that he'd care about someone else's life?  His self loathing gets hidden by his ego and maybe he believes he is something special because he almost had a movie career and did well in TV for a while.

He's 50 and his doctor says with medication his HIV can be managed and it will be safe and he'll have a normal lifespan.
I think it's attempted murder, while HIV has gone from being a killer to being a chronic disease that doesn't mean that bam! you'll get the best medical treatment and respond well to it and will never get AIDs and die 20 years before yer time, people are still dying from it you know.

People go on about Bush and Blair being war criminals but no one ever mentions Sheen's Two and a half men. I think we should hang the festering scab by the neck. Too much? OK then, how about lethal injection but this time leave out the beef.     

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