Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cameron's Poppygate

Accused of photoshopping a poppy onto David Cameron's jacket, Downing street have issued a statement.

"We here at Downing street believe in transparency of government and respect the British public too much to try to pass off a fake picture. The poppy in the picture is indeed a real poppy and probably really does exist. Mr Cameron is sad because of all the dead people who have fought in the wars, if you look closely you can see a tear which was not added in either. We would like to remind the British public that Tony Blair's body count was higher and that under a Conservative government our war dead has been  63%  less than the excessive Labour government under Blair. We are all in this together which is why we are introducing a Christmas tax to help our troops get the weapons and equipment they need to defeat ISIS so support our troops or you're a terrorist!"  

 Less patriotic haters are gonna hate. Maybe people like Jeremy Corbyn have time for photos.

A photo taken from his recent Spanish holiday. 


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