Saturday, 14 November 2015

Blame The ISholes For Paris

Was it intentional to have a murder spree on Friday 13th ? The news that over took everything else on Saturday was the killings in Paris. Six attacks that left 120+ victims.
On social media you have the smug blowhards blaming refugees and even Israel or the imperialist bombing campaign because if we hadn't been bombing Syria you wouldn't have had any terrorist attacks .... yeah tell that to the 243 passengers and 16 crew killed in the Lockerbie bombing of 1988 and the many more. The people with these claims do not remember their history. 

Some people are so caught up with the whole Mossad and the US created ISIS conspiracy that they forget that these ISholes are nothing new.
Remember the US embassy in Tehran? otherwise known as the Iran hostage crisis. 52 Americans taken hostage by Islamic militants in 1979.

There was no wars during the Carter administration, a fact he is proud of. This doesn't mean he was weak, he ordered a rescue mission but when a helicopter hit a refueling plane killing 8 servicemen and it was aborted.
Carter managed to get most of the hostages out and Regan took the credit as he was sworn in just before the release.
Carter let the Middle east get on with their own squabbles, he didn't hand over the king of Iran to be killed by the Ayatollah and that turned into terrorist attacks, the Iran/Iraq war and the creation of al-Qeada from the Soviet war in Ganners.      

Sure the west has meddled because we have allies in the Middle East, we also meddled in Europe when our allies were under attack then too, that is the point of allies. Friendly nations make your economy work. With technology the world is getting smaller and now we are more aware of all the various alliances, not all of them are with civilised nations. What to do, invade or ignore? The world isn't that black and white, the good guys are not so good as the movies would have you think. 

My point is that even if we withdrew from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and left the people to be ruled by the ISholes or the Tallyban we'd still get terrorist attacks no matter what. Unless you have a time machine to kill the Ayatollah Khomeini or Osama then learn to fucking deal with the situation we have NOW.       

No one made those ISholes pick up AK-47's and grenades and made them kill, they choose to do it. Old Knudsen is still angry at the 9/11 attack but you don't see him going all GTA 5 at a death metal concert.

The reason for terrorism is cause terror, that is why they didn't attack a military base, they chose soft unarmed, unsuspecting civilian targets because then people would be afraid afterwards. A large body count is just gravy for these cowardly cunts.  

Terrorists who wake up one morning then go out and kill innocents are mentally diseased  and should be cut out as you would a cancerous lump. Jihadi John who caused terror via videos was put down by a drone and governments cheered but he was just one small and tiny cog, he was just dumb enough to make himself the face of terror. When the enemy has a name and a face then it's easier to kill.

At times like this we need to use reason and not give into fear. You'll find that the 8 terrorists were probably long term immigrants, maybe from allied nations and maybe even French born. The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by a white, Christian, American veteran and of course the Troubles of Northern Ireland were all carried out by home grown arseholes ..... anyone from anywhere can be a terrorist. 

All Muslims don't want to kill you, neither do all Catholics or Protestants (The Troubles) that is idiotic to think they do. They aren't all terrorists, the ones that are need to be destroyed. 

Refugees aren't out to kill you either and aren't terrorists, sure there may be the odd one that will go on to terrorism just as there maybe the odd 50 thousand who'll be valuable and grateful citizens. 

The enemy is a coward who will kill unarmed and tied up aid workers and women and children. They hide in the shadows or boast on social media but they are cowards. They do a crime and blow themselves up because they aren't brave enough to accept the consequences for their actions, they are nobodys who were manipulated into killing by others with an ideology that twists religion into a cause. A true warrior doesn't kill the weak and unarmed and will die fighting if they cannot live to fight another day .... these guys are douche canoes and Allah doesn't want them. 

How can we defeat these cowards if they run and hide as they do? We live life but are alert, we don't let them dictate what we do in our lives. We go to concerts, we fly on planes but most of all we don't live in fear and we don't let them take our compassion with that fear. 

It is our moral duty to help the refugees. If we are to bomb their homes we should be giving them new homes, they didn't kill anyone nor did they support the ISholes, they are just normal people who want safe lives for themselves and their children .... what would you do for your family? 

If faced with an IShole I will fight them to their deaths, if faced with a Muslim or a refugee I'll say "bout ye" I will not hate people (any more than I already do) for what they are, I will hate them for what they do if they do cuntish things. 

When you make derogatory remarks about Muslims, blacks, gheys, Mexicans .... whoever, you are showing the world that you have fear. "If they come over here and are offended by my culture then they should leave" maybe yer culture is shite and bigoted and needs to change.

The likes of David Cameron are rubbing their hands in glee at the 120 plus victims in Paris because they can use it to further their cause and make you afraid.    

Stand fast, do not let fear become yer master. Live yer life in fear and you aren't living, don't let the ISholes win, we are NOT afraid.