Saturday, 28 November 2015

Blackwater Has Not Returned

Former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince has shown that even though 4 of his men getting 30 years to life for the killing of 14 unarmed civilians in a Baghdad in 2007 and having his company re-branded and him pushed out hasn't hurt his career any.

He's back though not in Iraq. He has put together an 800-member battalion of foreign troops for the U.A.E..

Mercenaries from mostly Columbia paid $1000 a week and life insurance for a 3 month tour in Yemen.

The troops will be used to guard oil pipelines and to quell any anti-Arab uprisings .... in other words they are to fight on the behalf of the U.A.E. against the Iranians who are busy overthrowing the pro US and Saudi government ... and winning.

There will be other foreign troop veterans such as US, UK, German, French and South African. The gulf countries are inexperienced pussies when it comes to war but have the money to wage proxy wars and not technically get involved .... like how they funded ISIS .... Oh did I just say that?

Erik Prince who now is careful about the contracts he signs in case he ends up in court again when his men panic and shoot 14 plebs again likes the codename 'Kingfish' ..... It's ok, codenames are cool, if you combine them with passwords and secret handshakes. 
His new company Reflex Responses is nothing like Blackwater .... honest, and he isn't really in charge at all. He just organizes shit but you won't see his name on things. 

I'm sure they'll do well at being the security for a string of planned nuclear power plants, I feel safe just thinking about it.

Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and of Bel air gave the other Prince $21 million as a start up for his private commando unit. To cloud the waters Prince uses other companies like R2 and Paravant  ..... because you just can't say the 'B' word (Blackwater) Thor Global Enterprises also helped with the recruiting of soldiers. He now uses others like US veterans and tries his best to stay in the shadows but we can see him.

The Colombians get the best training.

The battalion based in the U.A.E. costs $9 million a month to run with troops doing constant training in navigation, basic infantry maneuvers and sniper skills all dressed in Emirati military uniforms. A Colombian chef was even provided to make some traditional dishes for the men.   

Some trouble with the quality of recruits had to be addressed as Thor couldn't keep up with the supply demand hence the need for the South African mercenaries.

Reflex Responses or R2 won't hire Muslims because you can't count on them killing other Muslims .... so I see there is some killing expected to happen.

Prince's plan though it's been a struggle to keep it together is to dominate the area militarily but he's no 5 star General. To think, it was only 10 years ago that Prince had 2000 Colombians working security in Iraq, now he's struggling to keep 800.
Old Knudsen can already see the outcome. A load of dead Colombians in the Yemen desert while the smarter US, European and South African troops get out before shit fully clogs that fan. Prince wants to poke at Iran but he isn't in their league.     


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