Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Are Children Less Kind These Days?

These kids are from Florida and were playing animal rescue so it's not really being cruel. 

A State of Kindness Poll done by NBC News says that children are less kind than they were in the past. Obviously this is not scientific as it is asking for opinions based on life experiences and perceptions. The only way to see if children are less kind is to cut open their brains an scan them under the mircophones or something. 

62% of the more than 2,600 participants say that children are wee evil fuckers. It's true that children have changed, in the olden days they would accept the word of someone dressed like a cop who told them there was free candy in the back of their van with the covered windows. Now when an authority figure offers them free candy they ask what the catch is and ask for ID. 

66% of women feel more strongly about this but raising kids is obliviously a female thing like dishes and ironing, it's DNA people, not sexism. The men that were asked kind of shrugged and said "whatever"  or "why are you asking me?"

 77% of them blamed the parents, that's a bit harsh, what about the refugees? Is it a parent's job to teach their kids to be kind? What the fuck does school teach them then? 

The purple dinosaur Barney tells kids to share but when the likes of Charlie Sheen spreads his herpes and HIV then everyone is condemning him .... blame society! If you can't take a hit from a crack pipe and then suck off some bloke in Vegas (while on camera) without condemning him then what the fuck people? 

56% of people without kids thought that you are born with kindness .... what fools, they'll learn. The nature versus nurture from those who have had kids was 50% either way. 

Old Knudsen has seen that nurture can be important, if you fuck it up you'll have a fucked up kid. Too much nurturing will give you a useless man/child like kid unable to boil an egg. Too little nurturing will give you a kid with issues as to why they weren't loved enough, maybe they just weren't worth it.

Old Knudsen comes from the second one but with therapy and powerful medications he realises that if someone who is fucked up raises you they are more likely to raise you how they were raised. Not everyone can break the cycle because not everyone is self aware enough to even notice the cycle. Every child is worthy of love but of course they might not receive it and therefore won't take others into consideration because their feelings and needs weren't taken into consideration. They might not know how to.

When Jeb Bush was asked if he could go back through time would he kill little baby Hitler and he said, "Hell yeah, I would! You gotta step up, man."

Jeb Bush is a pro-life Conservative who defunded Planned Parenthood in Florida, yet he is all for killing babies as long as it's Hitler. Would you become a baby killing time traveler? I don't think it would stop WWII any. 
Hitler was a product of his time and experiences, his Da was an arsehole and he served during WWI, even if he was kind before that his experiences could have changed him. Hitler wasn't kind to anyone, he turned on those who were loyal to him, he turned on those who were different than what he liked and he turned on Germany itself, wanting to destroy it rather than giving it to the enemy.  He used fear of the other and we are the chosen ones to further his hate.
When someone is bigoted towards another, even if it's just not wanting to bake them a cake, I see a little of Hitler inside of them. The hate is still the same. He showed us that hate and fear only ends in destruction. 

 Bite marks on the bodies? I just don't believe it.

Ted Bundy grew up thinking that his mother was his sister and that his grandparents were his real parents. His mother claimed that servicemen were the father but they never existed and maybe it was Bundy's abusive, bigoted grandfather who was really his dad. He saw his animal abusing grandfather as being a positive male role model. His mother just simply refused to believe in Ted's guilt even after his execution. She lived life in denial and refused to talk about anything personal.  
Jeffrey Dahmer had an ordinary childhood, his mother had emotional problems sure, and his father was withdrawn and always working. No great trauma or serious abuse. Sometimes nature just makes bad ones and no amount of nurturing could have helped him. His father still blames himself for the 17 men and boys that Jeff had to dinner.

Parenting is a game of regrets and blame since it is taken from different perspectives.

Trump and Rudy discuss THOSE CHAIRS!!!!

Trump is the least kind Republican candidate and Hilary the the least kind Democrat. 16% of people would kick back and drink with Trump while 26% would drink with Hilary. Old Knudsen would totally ply Hilary with a few leg openers .... cos he is kind. 47% said no to drinks with either any of the Republican or Democrat candidates. 47% were obviously kill joys. 

Just imagine how racist Trump's Thanksgiving dinners would be after a few drinks, "As I am thankful for this turkey I remind you family that we need to kick out the immigrant scum like we did with those immigrant Indians on the first Thanksgiving" ...... huh?    

Hilary would be "what year is it? Do I like immigrants and gheys now or is it still the 90's when I didn't?"  A liar has to have a good memory, I can't recall who it was that said that. 

Bill Clinton nearly lost his political career because of refugees, he was very anti-Cuban refugee until he realised that the interns liked the Cuban put up em. 

No room at the inn, keep it moving terrorist.

Where do children learn to be kind? In my humble opinion it's from where the rest of us learn it, from example. 
It's ironic that during a time when refugees are being shunned while those left behind are being bombed that we have Thanksgiving and Christmas. Will people do what they do every year? Lets go to a homeless shelter to help out on one day a year so we can be smug and will they pretend to be nice people for 2 weeks like they do every December? 
Lets be not so cuntish, drink to excess, spend to excess then complain how broke we are ... damn you Santa!!!! 

Lets have a ton of food and give thanks, lets have a ton of food like baby Jesus had. It's as bad as those people all concerned about homeless veterans if the government suggests taking in refugees. You don't really care, you didn't care yesterday, 10 years ago or today so quit pretending .....  Unless you've actually devoted years to humanitarian work for the veterans of course and no, Facebook memes do not count. 

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. 

I was wrong to speak out against refugees coming to Northern Ireland. Our government is ineffective, our services are stretched to almost breaking point but we're letting refugees in. I didn't do it because I was worried about terrorists, wise up, we have terrorists serving in our government for fucks sake, we have another name for terrorists here, we call them our next door neighbour. 

The refugee crisis is a point scoring thing here and is bringing in more voters for Sinn Fein, I get it, as usual doing things for the wrong reasons though some are actually doing it because they are kind. Our government always has money for things that suits them and we let them off with so much such as charities raising money for hospital machines and giving mental health services, the government should be paying for all that instead of paying buddies to be consultants or special advisers. 

The first 100 refugees are expected to arrive in December. I hope many more come, not because I turned kind for Christmas but because it is the decent thing to do and it's what the terrorist do not want. So fuck you terrorists.     

Children will become more kind when we the adults become more kind, they'll still be little selfish cunts but kinder ones. 



Cathy said...

I enjoyed what you said, the nature/nurture diatribe especially. I recognized Eleanor Louise Cowell right away, having read about her "bastard son" as he was called, for a psyche paper I had to do back in the 80s. Theodore Robert Cowell Nelson Bundy could've been as ignored and lied to as he was, and still never killed anyone, but he did and that's it. My Mom's Mom was an alcoholic from County Cork, Mom had no model for motherhood and was pulled by nurture, so when she hit me over the head with a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey I understood completely, as she yelled at me for letting my thick skull ruin her booze. Life is art imitating Disneyland. Kids get in for free.

Old Knudsen said...

Sometimes you have to take your core beliefs and memories and reprogram yourself. Think about how you wanted or should have been treated or talked to as other's issues tend to damage our self esteem. Glad to see that you could see the cycle of abuse and chose to be yourself.