Thursday, 19 November 2015

Aim To Please Not Shoot To Kill

Jeremy Corbyn who is the leader of UK's Labour party can be compared to Bernie Sanders if Sanders was a weeping pussy douche canoe has said that he is not happy with the UK shoot to kill policy in case of a terrorist attack.

He said it was "quite dangerous and can often can be counterproductive."  Remember in 2005 when Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes from Brazil was shot 7 times in the head with hollow point bullets by undercover cops in London? .... the other 4 shots missed.

Turned out he wasn't a terrorist nor had anything to do with terrorism ... what a drag huh, that was pretty counterproductive.

The police thought he might have explosives and he was on a train so apart from killing an innocent man they followed procedure for killing a suicide bomber. It's best to get them in a certain part of their head between their eyes on the forehead so if they had a bomb their reflexes wouldn't clench when shot .... that's the theory and is backed up by places like Israel and Indonesia who have had to deal with many bombers.

Corbyn, who is friends with Sinn Fein who really didn't like it when the SAS shot some of their IRA chums thinks that maybe we should arrest the terrorists by politely waiting until they are out of bullets and have gotten rid of their anger, then they will be more agreeable to being arrested and to face justice in court.

Tasers should not be used in case the terrorist has a heart condition. 

We should really remember that the ISholes are victims too and maybe the lack of a strong male role model in their lives have turned them into misogynistic, bigoted psychopaths so after they serve a few months in prison (if they are found guilty) they should then be ordered asked to take some self awareness classes and checked on every fortnight to see how they are doing.

He has a plan for the military too as he thinks that airstrikes in Syria and Iraq will just make people more angry and will not achieve anything.
All guns and rockets will be replaced with paint guns, they will shoot out a calming blue or light purple and thus putting people into a better mood for peace.

 Reality check:

As we have seen from the London bombing, Boston and Paris, these guys will shoot and bomb without any issues to public safety so our people need to be able to do the same to them to avoid further loss of life.

These ISholes probably don't know that much about grand schemes or other plots and once we know them we know their associates so dead or alive .... whatever.

By now you should know that Old Knudsen thinks that if you rob someone else of their humans rights such as rape or murder then you forfeit your own.

These scum brainwash kids to do their killing, these brainwashed kids are victims but now they are killers trained to not hesitate, we shouldn't have to hesitate either.

Corbyn is an idealist more likely to call the scumbag terrorists of the world "freedom fighters" he has no place in a government that has to take on such people. He'd have taken Hitler's word that he wouldn't invade the Hinterland, Corbyn belongs in a cuntry like Sweden, not one that plays on the world stage because the world is a scarey and dangerous place full of nasty people, greet them with a handshake and when it suits them you'll be dead in the desert.    

There should be decent people in government but not ones with their heads up their holes. 


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