Thursday, 1 October 2015

When Your Number Is Up

UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicle) come in different sizes but they are usually used for either spying or killing. When Old Knudsen was fighting to liberate the sand savages he used a wee UAV he had picked up at Radio Shack that would fly into bathrooms and bedrooms (other rooms too of course) and send us pictures of what the people were doing. It was better than looking through their windows .... sometimes we'd even use them when we were on duty.

When we saw a male of fighting age or some other suspected insurgent we'd go and liberate the fuck out of them with extreme prejudice. War is a nasty business and not always fun.

The NSA used my wicked awesome skills at Call of Duty and GTA for their drone program, it isn't as much fun as seeing a possible female insurgent taking her morning dump but the pay was better.

    They all look the same to me lol! 

With cell phones being in almost every pocket or hand across the werld the NSA have grown to rely on using them to track targets. Of course the sand savage likes to mix things up and swap sim cards like swingers swapping car keys at a party.

Ever wonder why Middle Eastern weddings keep getting attacked by air strikes? With no intel on the ground the targets are generally tracked by their phones. In Yemen 130 people were killed when death from above hit their wedding party. The Saudi-led coalition deny they were behind the attack so I guess then that no one did it ... even though they have been bombing the rebels for the past 6 months. The Saudi government are lying snakes as much as the US and UK governments are. 130 people, that's a serious my big fat terrorist wedding ..... except they were rebels, not terrorists. 

Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi the president of Yemen fled to Saudi Arabia and called for the rebels to be bombed which the Saudi government kindly did. 2,355 civilians have been killed there since March ... does anyone care? 

Assad in Syria is often condemned for bombing his own people but I suppose the rules are different for those supposedly on our side. 

It has been estimated that 2,464 have been killed by drones during the Obama administration, now when Obama clears a drone target they need 2 pieces of intel to greenlight it, the problem is that the NSA is the only one with the intel so they have to be creative. So much power to just wipe out people with button and not face any consequences for doing it. Obama has realised that he is pretty good at it.

Once a target is cleared for a hit, that authorization is valid for 60 days as long as they continue to be able to track them, or in other words track their phone. It's not like the movies in which Harrison Ford can see tits from an IRA terrorist sitting in the desert, times have moved on.     

 I'd better delete this one, I don't want it biting me on the ass later. 

When Hilary is president she'll continue on with the fine drone work started by GW Bush so she can make more glib comments like, "We came, we saw, he died."  

So you have numerous sim cards belonging to one person, they may also lend their phones to friends or family members so the chances of hitting a civilian is pretty high but I ask again ... does anyone care? We just assume the intelligence agencies know their job so we turn a blind eye.

Some anonymous kid in Yemen who we'll never even see a picture of isn't the same as toddlers washing up on beaches. Lets blame the parents anyways for being one or knowing a rebel. Children who die for the alleged sins of the parents. 
Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was the only candidate for the presidency in 2012 so I'm sure it's clear as mud who the bad guys are in that civil war are who the US and the Saudis have been manipulating for years. 

When we launch a hellcat missile at a target the only thing that is certain is that it's the right phone or sim card, anyone can be holding it. Some drones have a virtual base-tower transceiver which is like a fake cell tower. The target's phone call locks onto the fake tower without them knowing and they can be tracked within 30 feet of their phone, great for night attacks and 30 feet is like a house, not our fault that other people might be there. 

We don't have ground assets in places like Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia so targets are assessed on the cell phone geolocation system. 

The CIA from their base in Oman have been able to map nearly every Wi-Fi fingerprint in Yemen during a 6 month mission, easy huh and not likely to be discovered. If they are doing that there then I suggest you look to the skies over yer home, not that you'll see or hear a drone.  

It says it all that in 2009 (when geolocation really took off) that more US Air Force pilots were trained to fly drones than conventional aircraft. 

The face of war has changed, soon armies will be reduced to teams of drone pilots and maybe 300 special forces troops like SEAL Team 6 backed up by 2,000 support personnel. Boots on the ground would be for specialist kill or capture missions and will be sold to the public by saying it is saving lives by not having military personnel in harms way .... we fight them there so they don't come here, does anyone still believe that shit? 

Do the constitutional rights of US citizens still count if they are in another cuntry and the president wants them dead? ask Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan about that, oh that's right you can't. I don't recall their day in court strangely enough.

Be careful who you press the big red easy button of death on cos one day they themselves may be given a button too.


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