Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Vaccines Cause Mass Shootings

Ralphie Parker was a quiet 9 year-old boy who didn't have any friends and mostly just  played Call of Duty and GTA 5 online in his room for hours on end. At least his parents knew where he was. 

An average student he liked the Saw and Purge movies and The walking dead and Game of thrones on the TV.  Just a normal child who wanted to be a sniper just like his heroes Chris Kyle and Deadshot from the DC comics. He was also looking forward to the new Deadpool movie.

Why then 6 months ago did he take his AR-15 into his elementary school to shoot his classmates and then himself ? This has confused his parents to this day. 

Mr and Mrs Parker think they know why. Last year just after getting a flu shot (it was a nasty strain last year) Ralphie got into trouble at school for sending pics of his dick to the girls in his class as well as to two of the female teachers, he got a 3 day suspension and a week long time out from his favourite web site Pornhub and had to do at least one of his chores or part of it. 

He just didn't seem to be the same. 

That year for Christmas he asked for a US military KA-BAR fighting knife and a puppy, somehow the puppy ran away, Ralphie didn't want to talk about it I guess he was upset about it. Other pets in the neighbourhood also ran away, it was as if they could sense the coming storm.

In the new year Ralphie started drinking more and more, he was becoming a shell of the young boy who would cheerfully chase the other family pet a Rack Russell terrier with his beloved assault rifle shooting "bang bang" until he accidentally shot poor Whizzer. 

He was moody, resentful and talking more uppers and downers than he really should for his age, he'd become aggressive if confronted and who has time for that? 

To this day his parents put 100% blame on the flu vaccine shot he got. Were they to blame too? Maybe because they believed the shot would prevent him from getting the nasty bug so yes, they are to blame for caring too much. 

Guns and young socially inept males with no empathy or role models and a poor grip on reality don't kill people, vaccines do.      

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