Wednesday, 7 October 2015

TV Sanity

It has been 10 years since the movie Serenity was screened, way to feel old huh. Serenity was the movie from the much loved and cancelled too soon series Firefly created by genius Joss Whedon. We still have our boxed sets to remember it and we'll always have our resentment at Fox for being dicks who didn't promote it enough then showed the episodes out of order then cancelled it citing low ratings and the fact they just didn't get it. 
Janye Cobb as played by Adam Baldwin is the character I can identify with the most. Who doesn't name their favourite guns and sniff unfamiliar objects? 

Sarah Jane and her sonic lipstick, we need a female Dr Who with a sonic vibrator.  

The BBC announced a new Dr Who like show for younger viewers and compared it to Buffy the vampire slayer (another Whedon show) so in other words they are filling in the gap that the Sarah Jane Adventures left when the lead actress who was a Dr Who companion in ye olden days died.  

The Internet yawned and said, "who cares, why aren't you bringing back Torchwood?" what annoys Old Knudsen is comparing BBC dross to Buffy which was really more of an adult show anyways. Not even Dr Who is as good as Buffy or Firefly. Close with Sherlock but no cigar. You just aren't good enough BBC.

Speaking of crap TV shows. I've been watching Fear the walking dead out of loyalty for the other TV show The walking dead. I've been hoping for it to get better then it had one good episode, # 5. Then I heard that episode 6 was the season finale .... WHAT THE FUCK!!!! 6 episodes does not a season make.

Lost season 1 had 25 episodes for fucks sake. The walking dead also had a first season with 6 episodes though this spin off might not make it to season 2 because it's so stoopid. Who the fuck lives in LA and wears a hoodie with Pomona on the back of it?
Oh look an infected person who just ripped someone's face off, they are still people, just dead and reanimated, lets go and help them and maybe talk them through their anger issues.

Teenagers are bratty assholes, teachers are bleeding hearts, Hispanics are gang members and soldiers are trigger happy sadists, all the cliches. 

The whole show is like someone's bad idea of what people in LA should be like. If it does get a second season then my Firefly resentment will just continue to grow.  

I only watch crap TV shows to keep me sane but if they become as stupid as the people I meet in the real world Old Knudsen may not be sane for much longer.   

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