Friday, 16 October 2015

The End Of King Midas

Archeologists from The University of Pennsylvania who were doing work on what is thought to be the tomb of King Midas found a secret compartment filled with a very strange treasure. 

King Midas ruled in what would be modern day Greece and Turkey in the 8th century BC and according to philosopher Aristotle had the ability or even curse to turn anything he touched into gold. The tomb was discovered in 1957 but had been mostly emptied by robbers, not even the body was recovered though there have been legends of a man sized golden statue having been removed from the tomb.   

The expression 'worth your weight in gold' came from the various rumours connected to the body of Midas.  

In the secret chamber 3 jars were found containing what looked like 25 LBS of golden feces. If this was actual feces that had turned to gold then this would verify Aristotle's account of the king's last days.

The king himself slowly started to turn to gold and eventually died of blood poisoning from all the gold in his system.
If the golden feces is a hoax then it's an expensive centuries old hoax by experts in ancient history. One section of poop had what looked like golden undigested olives attached to it.

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