Monday, 12 October 2015

Teachers Should Have Guns

 Get me da Uzi 9 millimeter, I must put her out of my misery. 

The latest (well biggest) school shooting in Oregon has they same old shite as ever, people calling for guns in schools and how gun free zones are dangerous. You do know that police can bring their guns into gun free zones right? In the UK gun free zones go under the name of 'everywhere' but unlike the Americans we don't think we're so special that someone is going to bother to try to shoot us. Show some backbone Yanks. We had the Nazis bombing us and we sand stupid songs about rolling out the barrel and telling Mrs Brown to get yer fucking knees up and we were grateful.  

Show me yer hands ya little prick! 

The black white guy who wants to be president Ben Carson wants armed people including teachers in schools. Many schools already have real 'armed' police officers that do school duties, they didn't help at Columbine High School or Virginia Tech though. 
The US police usually respond pretty fast but since it's so easy to kill a large amount of people with a gun it's often not fast enough. If a teacher was armed then maybe they can fire of a couple of panicked shots into their own leg before they get gunned down.    

Sixth grade teacher Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery accidentally discharged her gun in her Utah elementary school bathroom injuring her leg. An Idaho State University professor shot himself in the foot during class 2 months after the bill that allowed those with concealed carry permits to carry guns on state college and university campuses.

If only I hadn't been so fond of smoking weed, I could have had a real job.  

So yeah, lets arm teachers. C'mon, if they were of any use in the real werld they wouldn't be teachers for fucks sake.
It's not just the teachers, I also blame the parents ... and the wee fuckers that spew from their carnal lustings.

Here are some cases in which civvies showed the need for gun free lives never mind zones. There were lots more cases BTW. 

May 2014 a four year-old boy shot himself when he found his parent's handgun in their Indiana home.
Dec 2014 a two year-old got into his mom's purse and shot her dead in a Wal-Mart in Idaho. 

Feb 2015 a 3 year-old boy found his mother's handgun and shot his parents in Albuquerque, they all survived even though the mom was pregnant and the boy's little sister was in the room. Also in Feb an 11 year-old boy from Georgia was killed and his parents injured when the weapon the father was cleaning went off through the dad's hand, through the boy and into the mom's elbow.

In March 2015 a 4 year-old girl was accidentally shot in the leg by one of her parents while they repaired said weapon.

July 2015, Texas a 3 year-old boy who should have been napping got a hold of a loaded 380 semi-automatic pistol and shot himself in the head.

Aug 2015 a 2 year-old boy found his dad's gun under the pillow and shot the dad point blank in the head while they were napping together. Also in August a bloke shot himself in the wrist at a Muslim free shooting range in Oklahoma.
An army veteran who was a Muslim protested the shop but when it was discovered that he was a vet he was allowed to use it. The owner just didn't want terrorists, cult members or Islamic extremists using the range. Cos they all wear badges that says what they are ..... stoopid Okies. 
I've got 3 more bullets and no right answers yet, whose next?  

Civvies with guns are the cause to those shooting sprees so to stop them you should give more guns to civvies. Is this Ben Carson logic cos he ain't no brain surgeon .... no wait, he actually is. Can I change surgeons please?
Here is the future, 'Protests during nap time after an unarmed black child was shot dead by his teacher. The teacher said the child would not use his inside voice and reached for what looked like a crayon.'  

Arming teachers is as bad as bring in military vets to guard the schools. While the vets would be having flashbacks to Iraq the teachers will be busting caps into some fools because they were asked a stupid question before the teacher had their 8th cup of morning coffee, teachers are cranky fuckers, no wonder Old Knudsen didn't learn nothing.  

If Old Knudsen's sadist ginger English teacher had more that a cane I reckon he'd have killed a few pupils. No matter how hard he hit Old Knudsen's hands Old Knudsen NEVER flinched or showed pain ... fuck you, you ginger tashed asswipe, I mock you with my poor sentence structure.   

 Y'all get out your big book of Texas history and read about Moses, one of the Founding fathers. 

Children are fuckers, they'd pretend to hug you just to disarm you. There would be loads of suicide by teacher when the kids force them to shoot em just to get out of homework.  

As well as the same old arm everyone to be safe argument because battlefields are so safe you have the old, 'all the shooters were on anti-depressants' or they all had Aspergers. Anything to get away and distract about how the likes of Chris Harper-Mercer had 13 firearms. No job but he had a load of guns and those expensive bullet thingys. Luckily his mommy had a job. 

I like puppies, sunsets and giving foot rubs ... no Jews need apply though ... or wogs, E-mail Naziluvfista69.

Oh and if you complain about not having a girlfriend and yer user name on the dating site is Ironcross45 well there's yer sign. Video games, killing zombies, loving Nazis and the IRA are not what I'd call decent bait for fanny. Do what Ben Carson did and pretend to be a neurosurgeon that likes kittens or something. Mercer was all kinds of lame.   

Guns are a tool and they don't kill people on their own, they need human interaction to work. A band saw is also a tool but it can't be used to kill 9 people in a couple of minutes, a few fingers maybe. Guns were invented to kill, that is their purpose and they make killing so easy and you can dissociate yerself from it because yer 20 feet away and not personally putting in the effort to break the bones and rip apart internal organs. BANG like the movies and move on. Unlike the movies it may take several bullets though. 

Hero of the Oregon shooting Chris Mintz set off the fire alarm and could have gotten away but chose to try to stop Mercer. Mintz took 5 bullets and is still ticking. The mixed marital arts fighter served in the army for 10 years .... an army of one .... fuck yeah! Lets make Mintz the name we remember from this tragic event rather than the shooter.    

The shooter allegedly asked who the Christians were before shooting them extra. I read a article from those who have failed to understand what the 2nd amendment means saying that 9 Christian kids were shot at a school because it was a gun free zone. 

They can't even get a news story right but they think it's them who knows what the Bible and the Constitution says. It was a Community college ... that means adults who don't or can't go away and live at a full time university. All victims were adults, some middle aged and others way older. Fuck I hate it that these idiots voice their opinion and that other idiots believe it cos facts make my head hurt. 

If gun free zones are soo dangerous and it has nothing to do with the ease that most people can get a gun with then why don't the young men of Europe (including the UK) and especially those with mental health issues such as depression, PTSD and Aspergers not go on mass shooting sprees like the young men in America do?     

Is it really a mental health issue?

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