Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Taurus Curve

Coming up to Christmas and Old Knudsen is making his list. He's been a good boy, hardly any hate crimes, murders or rapes, ach I was raped once this year but was asking for it the way I was dressed. 

The Taurus curve is small, slim and easy to conceal. Not a great battle weapon but a nice surprise and concept gun. . 380 caliber with a 6 round mag, there are no sights sticking up just as there are no buttons or levers sticking out to keep the profile slim and smooth.

For a little extra you can get some lights and a laser pointer. Looking at the picture you can see how easy it would be to look like a phone from a distance or a phone to look like a gun if black and held like this. 

The magazine catch is on the mag and if you are not careful your fingers might release the mag by accident.

I just love the size, the way it's shaped to yer body and even the name. It won't pick off any tiny targets but it will hit a person, or a large dog, it's just fucking cool .


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Вячеслав said...

Yes we having this camera gun now in former soviet union very popular. Most favourite among young people to use with selfie stick. Vas too is wanting for christmas but will first writing to Ded Moroz in hope of .45 model because .38 not good to take out noisy poodle of neighbour. Vas trying two times already very disappoint. Yours in blog appreciate, Vasily.