Monday, 26 October 2015

Russia Tells Troops To Stop Posting On Social Media

Russians have been in Syria since April but it's hard to deny their presence when the troops are posting pics up on social media. One Russia soldier complained that though their stripy shirts look kinda ghey, Syria was in for one serious gun show for the next 8 months.    

 Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine.

If you remember Old Knudsen went to Ukraine to find evidence of serving Russian soldiers fighting along side the Russian backed separatists. The Russians deny they are there in any official capacity but it's difficult to deny when loads of serving Russian soldiers post selfies all over the place. This is an ethnic Buryat named Bato Dambaev from Russia's Siberian region on the border of Mongolia. It's hard to deny there are foreign fighters running around when they are Kazakhs or Buryats. You can see his uniform isn't standard Ruskie and the white arm bands are so the local rebels know they are on their side. Since his wall was open I could see him in his Russian military uniform and see that he has signed up to served until 2016. 

Old Knudsen even tracked young Dambaev to his home town in Buryatia and threatened to show the pics to Putin unless he paid me money and perhaps do me other favours .... it's a journalist thing, I do it with loads of young men who have compromised themselves with social media, it's like a life lesson. 

 They make it so easy to catch them some times.
A while back there was a young British soldier tearing around Belfast posting about what parties he was on the way to. While the Troubles are over the chance to kill a member of the security forces should not be given to the IRA loving cunts on a silver platter. Hopefully the present day terrorist is as gormless as the present day squaddie, young people huh. Old Knudsen is so paranoid that he splashes people who call to his hoose with holy water .... going by the huge size my cock it has obviously been blessed by Gog so that counts as holy water right? 

Russians are crazy as fuck but seriously, turn off yer location settings before posting selfies. If you keep it on for a 'come an get us if yer hard enough' kinda thing then respect to ye. Old Knudsen used to strip down and oil himself up for battle like the Spartans did .... which is why I'm no longer allowed to shop in ASDA anymore. Haters gonna hate.    

Typical Russian military shit, ach who hasn't done this in the army? .... yeah, probably the Yanks, they wouldn't risk hitting their faces. On this side of the Atlantic we embrace every branch of the ugly tree and since broken bones are supposed to be stronger after they mend we break everything just to be tough. Old Knudsen can crush walnuts between his butt cheeks though it's a strain and you wouldn't want to eat them afterwards. He saves it to do at parties ..... though he never gets invites for some reason.

 Don't ever say their outfits look ghey or he'll break yer bricks. 

Old Knudsen would personally rather fight German Nazis, Jap samurais or Islamic extremists than fight the Russians but if I had to I'd win. Anyone can break a brick with their fist, Old Knudsen prefers to break fists with a brick, not his own obviously as that would hurt. 

Reminds me of 85 when I was teaching the Mujahideen how to kill Russians during the battle of Maravar Pass in Afghanistan. Killing Russians was all the trend back in the 80's, big hair, shoulder pads and dirty commies. 
The Mujahideen which became al Qaeda and the Tallyban were our friends and it was the Libyans and the Iranians you had to watch out for ... well that hasn't really changed except now they are too busy to hi-jack and blow up planes. 

Ivan is gearing up for the weekend .... totally not in Syria though.

We lured them into the gorge, blocked their only exit and flanked them with heavy machine guns, 2 days of fighting before their reinforcements came to get them out, ach I thought the Spetsnaz were supposed to be tough but against Knudsen's Ragheads they didn't stand a chance. I tried to stop me men beheading the enemy which is just rude but you know what Johnny savage is like when their blood is up. I told the CIA not to trust them and to leave on friendly terms but would they listen?

After that the Soviets made sure to carry less vodka and more ammo out in the field.  

These days they don't carry any vodka and actually carry morphine in case they get wounded, what pussies. In Old Knudsen's day if you were wounded you'd walk it off and a selfie was something you did in yer bunk, ach times do indeed change. 


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