Thursday, 15 October 2015

Previously On The Walking Dead

If you haven't watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead then don't read any further, just go and sit in the corner and sniff yer fingers .... loser. 

Rick: Here is the situation.

Held in the quarry by trucks blocking the only exits. We'll let them out before they break out and we'll guide them down the road.

Daryl's kinda hot if I was into that sort of thing so everyone's favourite bit of rough will ride his hog slowly and the walkers will follow him 20 miles away from our town.
 As long as there are no mysterious distracting noises the walkers will just herd behind Daryl on the road.

Rick: You're harshing my mellow Carter.

But what if I get bitten in the face and Rick ... who doesn't like me I don't think, stabs me in the base of the skull to stop me screaming then someone near our town honks their horn and ....

All the walkers drift off the road and head for our home?

Rick: Stop being a pussy and find Coral, he has his chores to do, you know stuff and things. CORAL! CORAL!

Rick: We have to try to survive and take back that part of us that has been lost because otherwise what are we fighting for, we need to stop and smell the flowers. 

Um excuse me Rick, I know yer about to give a great inspiring speech before some minor characters die why don't we just block off the exits with another couple of trucks then lob in some petrol bombs ... the Belfast way. We'd have a walker trap that we'd just have to fire up now and again, problem solved.

 Maybe I was looking forward to sticking a knife into Carter's skull .... yeah ok, we'll try it your way Knudsen but the first thing that goes wrong he's getting it.

I likes yer style but I'm keeping this one ..... for personal reasons. Oh and I'm calling them zombies cos this walker business is just silly.

 Rick: Light her up Glenn!


2 comments: said...

Ya know, I have never viewed that particular show... Now i don't have to.
Thank you, sweetie.

Old Knudsen said...

Yer welcome, though it is a lot better than Dancing with the stars but each to their own.