Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Poxy Proxy War

The Russians airstrike towns, strafe them with their helicopter gunships and drive their tanks across the sandy, dusty expanse to seek and destroy rebel groups that are aided by the west.

Sounds like something from the 80's, maybe in Afghanistan and fighting against the Mujahideen who then became the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram, to name but a few evolutions of the group. 

Yeah that turned out so well. The US and Russia are fighting a proxy war against each other in Syria. I did say that Russia was bound to get involved since they are allies of Syria as are Iran .... and even China. This is all foreplay for the big war to come in 2020, don't bother making plans for that year.

Firing TOW missiles makes the FSA smile. 

The run down as to what is happening is that the Russians came along and attacked the Free Syrian Army (FSA) who are the rebels backed by the US to fight Assad. Funny that the Russians saw the FSA as real targets rather than ISIS, it's almost as if it's just the west that is getting their panties in a wad over ISIS so it can justify being in Syria.

The US is all like, 'hey not our fault the FSA are attacking Russia, we didn't ask Russia to join in' as they prop up moderate terrorist groups in other cuntries. 
You are a horse's ass if you believe this little scare monger tail ... see wot I did there their?  

Public opinion matters in the west. They behead some of our people or shoot loads of tourists on a beach then suddenly it's, 'lets kill ISIS' in the media and on the lips of politicians who don't want to look weak. Like how David Cameron wants to keep the Syrian refugees at bay, not because they are Muslim and as we know all Muslims are terrorists but because Gog forbid we see them as real people just like us, how can you justify bombing real people?   

Don't believe the hype, ISIS look big and bad but most of that is Internet performances and poorly led forces for them to have victories over. ISIS are a tool and isn't it funny how they have been bumped from the recent headlines? What have you done for me lately ISIS? Oh some senior leaders were killed in an airstrike, must be winding the need to fight ISIS down while the proxy war goes on.  Don't worry, like the bad guy that was killed in the movies they'll come back and grab at yer leg for another scare. 

The US have supplied the FSA with BGM-71 TOW missiles. This CIA run program covertly gives them weapons via Saudi Arabia, they bought loads of them in 2013 ..... I wonder why that was. The US sanctions their use through the end user agreement and it gets around the whole Nations giving weapons to terrorist group thing. Proxy wars can be denied.

 Ronald and GW would be so proud of you Obama, yer the best Republican ever!

These weapons are for use against tanks and turned the tide of the Soviet/Afghan war. The FSA have had major success against the Russian tanks so much so that the Russians have brought in their helicopters. So far the rebels haven't been sold anti-aircraft missiles but Saudi has plenty of those too so stay tuned.

Yes it is funny how Saudi Arabia whose military is mostly for security because the US protects them from bases there have loads of weapons a conventional army would have, all those big arms deals for an army they never use.
This is one of the many reasons we are allies with those cunts, because we're the bad guy too. 

Al-Qaeda affiliated group al-Nursa just want to thank the US and Saudi for replenishing their stocks after they destroyed the US backed Hazm Network. They compared it to 'taking lunch money off the fat kid at school' are they saying we're fat?    

Another ploy in the proxy war game. If there is a bad guy (Jahbat al-Nursa) who are strong and are fighting a common enemy as well as your own guys (FSA) then equip your guys, a small-ish group of them and sacrifice them knowing they don't stand a chance against al-Nursa but that their weapons will fall into al-Nursa's sweaty hands so voila! you have strengthened a force to use against Assad/Russians without actually helping them, cos that would be wrong.




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