Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Obama Hates Whistle Blowers

Sharks don't eat lawyers out of professional courtesy. What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of a cliff? ... a good start. These aren't Old Knudsen's opinions so no more legal letters please, I love lawyers who doesn't? Of course I'd not be stupid enough to swim with them without a lawyer cage .... DOH! I'm getting them confused with sharks again. I actually love sharks, well just their fins in a soup though it gives me the gas and leaves a taste in my mouth like I had been licking out a syphilitic hooker .... apart from that pretty darn tasty. Not as nice as dolphin steaks marinated in a whale sauce.

Since the second US president there have been 26 of the 44 that were lawyers, Hilary will be # 27. Imagine trusting lawyers enough to vote for them to run yer cuntry ... well that explains the state of it. They have no interest in the law they just want to win ... unless they spend their free time doing pro bono cases cos then they are probably lawyer by day and a super hero by night.

     I really wanted to be Batman. 

24 US presidents had military experience which doesn't mean much if Reagan and GW Bush are counted as having "experience" putting on a uniform and shining yer shoes or boots is not really experience. Being military doesn't give you any great insight but it does give you worldly experience and discipline. 8 of the presidents were farmers but not like how Carter was a farmer, most were plantation owners whipping away at their slaves or committing genocide to the injuns while yapping about all men being equal ... half the farmers were lawyers so what can you expect? 

  Ya missed me again Obama but you hit a school .... lol!

A whistle blower released some classified documents that showed that 90% of those killed in drone strikes were not the intended target. That was based on one 5 month period of strikes in Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan
While Obama personally authorizes the targets, the strike decision is made by someone/s lower down with a 60 day window to make that strike. Signature strikes are unknown targets acting suspiciously ... whatever that means. 
So killing someone by drone (known as a bug splat) is not done in real time like the movies. Quick our target is here, launch the Reaper now! You have to go through the chain of command and by the time you've done that and 2 weeks later the drone gets sent out to track the sim card that the target had no matter where they are and BOOM kinetic action all over the place. That is why so many weddings and other weird civilian targets get bombed.

        Obama hates Whistle Blowers

As well as hope and change Obama also lied about a transparent government. His administration is more devious than Bush and Cheney and will continue on the same with Hilary. Obama has relentlessly persecuted whistle blowers to make an example of them. Edward Snowden has to hide in Russia because he uncovered how the US government were spying on its own people and its allies. Chelsea Manning got 35 years in prison for espionage, the government had asked the court for a 60 year sentence. Manning was in the army so this is a straight forward treason case even if it showed air strikes that killed up to 147 civilians at one time and mistaking cameras for guns and cheering when they get a hit. 

Some jobs you have to compromise yourself in order to do or you accept life as a whistle blower. 

Jeffrey Sterling joined the CIA but faced discrimination for being black. Sure a big black dude speaking Farsi would stand out but the CIA didn't really try to accommodate him to do his job properly. He filed a lawsuit was punished by being relocated to Langley to a tiny office he shared with another until they were able to fire him in 2002. 
He lost the lawsuits, his memoirs were blocked citing "national security" as the blanket reason that is often used and he had to rebuild his life with all his savings gone. The info that was sensitive was operation Merlin. A Russian scientist asset was to give the Iranians nuclear reactor blue prints that had faults that would delay anything they would build from it, this was done during the Bush admin. Sure they could also figure out shit from the valid parts of the plans but this is the CIA, 10 fuck ups to get one good score. 

In 2005 James Risen wrote a book that mentioned operation Merlin in it. In 2002 Risen had interviewed Sterling for a story about racial prejudice in the CIA, then the next year Risen did a story about Merlin but was told by the National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice to kill the story which The Times did.       

The CIA questioned Sterling and he thought that his battles with the government were done but the CIA were waiting for the Obama administration to come to power in order to accuse Sterling ....  because Obama is more of a cunt than Bush, let that just sink in.

The evidence was circumstantial at best, short e-mails that contained no classified info, short phone calls that contained no classified info.  
Sterling admitted no wrong doing and Risen didn't even testify, in fact the CIA in pursuing this case gave out more info about Merlin than Sterling or Risen such as the $413,223.67 paid to the Russian asset long after operation Merlin was ruined. 

 Delete everyone in my inbox and then delete everything else.

The government wanted Sterling locked up for a long time, at least 20 years but the judge only gave him 3 and a half years which is harsh considering the lack of proof. Innocent until proven guilty huh. Compare the e-mails not marked classified that contained no classified information that were considered enough by the government to lock someone up for a very long time. 

Well done bro, they never had a clue. 

Now compare that to the 22 million deleted White House e-mails wiped by Karl Rove and the 30,000 work related e-mails that Hilary deleted. The government doesn't think that jail time is necessary for these cases. 

Bernie Sanders maybe sick of hearing about Hilary's e-mails and Hilary doesn't want to hear about them either but it's about double standards, declaring someone a traitor who is trying to help the public and who is disgusted by the establishment, would you vote for that person and their privileged status? I'm sure the hackers that hacked Sony (it wasn't North Korea) enjoyed Hilary's time as Sectary of State, who knows what info she gave away? Lawyers huh, criminals in power suits.

Sterling asked for his sentence to be carried out in his home state of Missouri so his family could easily visit, in what seems like a last minute fuck you he was sent to a prison in Colorado.   


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