Thursday, 29 October 2015

Millionaire Flies First Class To Cast A Vote On Austerity

Musical producer Andrew Lloyd-Webber flew first class from New York to cast his vote in the house of Lords for cuts to working tax credits and child credits given to low income families. With a fortune of only £650 million he thinks that poor families should have a bleak Christmas like the one he is expecting to have.

3 million people would have had their income reduced on average by £1,300.  

Webber who is  Britain’s 127th-richest person was able to earn his £300 for attending which should help his Christmas nicely. His spokesperson already tried to get the tax payer to pay for his flight since he was doing the cuntry a service and all but the patriotic peer had to pay for it himself.
The reason why he voted was because he hates poor people he wants to protect democracy even though he's only voted 30 out of 1,898 times over the past 14 years, but he is all about the democracy.

11 other millionaires voted for the cuts too but the bill has been delayed so that all the facts can be better set out and explained. Webber was heard to say, "I don't need the facts, I trust the government to do what's best for low income plebs to keep them in their place, it's not as if their sort will be at my plays so fuck em."  

You sir are the fart licking cock nozzle suckwad of the week!


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