Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I Want Your Blood Not Your Objections

A judge in Buttfuck Alabama decided to squeeze the petty criminals dry if they couldn't pay fines. Judge Marvin Wiggans put the wiggins up those appearing in his court by demanding a pound of flesh ... well actually a pint of blood.

Is Judge Wiggins a vampire? an obvious conclusion to jump to. Those in his court for offenses like hunting after dark, drug possession, assault, passing bad checks or having sex with someone not related to them were told that if they couldn't pay there was a blood drive outside, they could give blood and bring back the receipt for a $100 credit toward their fines.

If they didn't have money or didn't want to give blood then, “The sheriff has enough handcuffs.”  

Many have called this ruling unethical and unconstitutional. Forcing someone to have an invasive procedure against their will is fucking well not on, even if the judge had intended on helping the community. Americans really don't like to be given ultimatums or choices they don't like.
Tell an American they can either give up their guns or pay more taxes and you'll probably get another revolution assuming their heads don't explode in rage ..... don't mess with their guns or taxes. 

Some were unsure if they were allowed to pay installments as they had been doing while others stormed out in a huff. One old fella passed out after his pint was taken from him and a flasher gave a pint of semen by mistake... or was it? 

After the Pearl Harbor attack judges in Honolulu had ordered those with traffic violations to give blood instead of paying a fine and in other parts of the cuntry judges would let prisoners give blood in return for a lighter sentence or cash incentives but the increase in hepatitis ended that in 2008.

The group that collected the blood tried to contact the donors afterwards and ended up having to destroy most of what they had collected and not everyone was given their promised $100 discount.

Old Knudsen's conclusion is that most judges are clueless wankers with more ego than a brain surgeon and aren't fit to judge a pie eating competition. Seriously, just look at his suit. 

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