Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hilary Wins Resting Bitch Face Champion Of The World Competition


After 11 hours of denial and avoiding blame during her Benghazi testimony the Guinness book of world records have declared that Hilary Clinton now holds the world record for holding the resting bitch face expression for the longest.  

She doesn't look amused .... pure genius. 

The 'why am I still here' look with strong but understated hand gestures.

The classic, 'I bet you forget to breathe a lot' look.

Her last attempt was disqualified for her use of magnifying glass spectacles that may have been able to see through clothing but this time she was totally on it.  She was calm, sarcastic and possibly irritated by a yeast infection or some other personal itching issue.

The outcome of the hearing was that Hilary may have been in charge but she had people in 270 countries and the consulate was like that when she got there. It was also ambassador Chris Stevens' fault for not personally telling her how dangerous it was ..... even though the British ambassador withdrew after an RPG assassination attempt.  

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