Thursday, 15 October 2015

David Cameron Hates Refugees

David Cameron doesn't like migrants. He has referred to them as swarms and has spoken out against them on numerous occasions. He doesn't want them in Britain spreading their foreign ways (especially Muslim) about in front of the good white British people. How can he fight against the sand savage when they are in Britain claiming benefits?
Cameron also hates British people who claim benefits or are old and sick, he doesn't want a load more over who don't even speak English. Bringing in migrants or refugees is just bringing in more people he can't create jobs for and who can't afford to pay for a college education. Lazy scroungers I believe he calls them.  

So is it odd that before Home Secretary Theresa May was to give a speech about bringing in refugees that Cameron was on the telly saying how too many brown people refugees were a bad thing for the UK?

Theresa May then came on to say that too many poor and uneducated wogs refugees would be harmful to the UK, they wouldn't be able to be assimilated into British society.

She stopped short of saying the words, overwhelmed and invasion but that was what she was hinting at. Before little Alan Kurdi was washed up on a Turkish beach she would have probably said something like the migrant menace.

Your average everyday Brit

I'm not sure what the British identity is anymore, it used to be tough, stoic and slightly racist, a begrudger but nice to your face who is willing to put up with a lot of hardship from their superiors because you have to know yer place though they'd whine constantly while suffering and for about 80 years afterwards too. We used to be able to queue and would be polite especially in front of the inferior natives who we'd be exploiting.       

We are in no way racist anymore, we just don't like the coloureds, we still begrudge and whine and we still put up with a lot of shit because the law has probably been changed so you didn't have a choice .... not that we'd know the law because thinking is difficult and for rich people. We're now so self entitled that the Americans are disgusted. No longer tough we jump queue and take the piss. The inferior natives are all college educated but we're still better than them because ... well because they aren't white. 

Oh look who supports blood sports. 

So if you are white, went to a fancy university and stuck yer cock into the mouth of dead pig then I can see what a threat diversity would be for you and your kind. Old Knudsen doesn't agree on anyone's take on religion nor does he agree about what makes you British or even Irish. Iconoclasts like Old Knudsen do not seek yer approval or that of yer society cos I've found that yer society is full of arseholes I wouldnae pish on if they were on fire.

Diversity, I say bring it on, even if it destroys us. 


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