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Carson Blames The Jews

Gravity also requires faith so keep believing or we're doomed. 

Old Knudsen didn't like Carson at first because he was quiet and not standing out from the presidential nopefuls but now he has brought his A game and it is a train wreck of comedy gold that is outdoing even Trump.   

Carson grew up in Detroit though his parents both came from rural Georgia. He only found out he was black when he appeared on African American lives TV show and found his ancestry as 20% European and 80% African, he vowed to have that 80% surgically removed as he identified with being white... have you seen him dance? .... no ass either.

Giving a talk on eugenics.  

He has modestly said that  his hand eye coordination and three-dimensional reasoning made him a gifted surgeon and has wrote several books on how he's fucking brilliant at neurosurgery with only 6 malpractice law suits against him. One being for removing all of a tumor against the patient's wishes leading to damage even though the tumor was later found to be benign and another was leaving a sponge in someone's head and telling them it was a tumor .... his survival rate is still higher than his kills though. Of course most of his patients are now drooling vegetables but still alive so yay! 

I loved your TV show Bill,  those sweaters were horrendous ... It's Ben GW.  

After the Oregon shooting Carson said that the victims should have tackled the shooter. Surgeons don't need facts, they use their 3 dimensional thinking at a level that normal plebs cannot comprehend. He hadn't heard of Chris Mintz who was shot 5 times after tackling the shooter.
He then told the story of how he got the craving for fried chicken during black history month and went into a Pop-eyes restaurant. A bloke came in and shoved a gun into his ribs. Carson used his natural superiority and told the guy that the person behind the counter was the one he should be robbing.
That was presidential thinking right there. If the shooter had killed the server then society could have replaced them no big deal but if Carson was killed how could he be replaced? It's for the good of humanity that he saved his own lily white skin.      

By 'us' he means those who have profited the most from private healthcare. 

Carson, a Republican candidate and  possible white supremacist then talked about his favorite topic, Hitler. He said that if the Jews had guns then the Holocaust would have been diminished. Fighting against Hitler with guns ... why didn't the allies think of that?  

He also said there were 6 million Jews, why didn't they tackle Hitler? If they had been less cowardly they wouldn't have died, why did they not use superior reasoning skills and suggest that the Nazis kill they gheys or Slavs instead?  .... oh they were already doing that, oops. 

In 1933 when Hitler was trying to come to power with the Nazi party's 38% of the vote an Austrian Bishop Gfollner called for all Catholics to be antisemitic, there had been an anti-Jew movement ever since the Germans retreated during WWI when they hadn't been losing, they blamed the Jews for doing back room deals. 
President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as German Chancellor and he starts to seize control over his rivals and starts to blame the Jews for losing WWI and for the current recession. 

Father Charles E. Coughlin had a radio show in Detroit saying how the "Shylocks are causing the Depression"  80,000 letters of support a week, with about 70 % from Protestants, he also has many US senators and representatives as supporters too.

So this Jew blaming in the 20th century wasn't just in Nazi Germany as people prefer to remember, even the 6 year-old Princess Elizabeth was learning the Nazi salute from her uncle.  

After banning Political demonstrations and crushing the communists the Nazis gain 44% of the vote. Hitler assumes complete power.  So you see it wasn't the whole, 'why did the people put him into power?' he worked the system. 

The first of the concentration camps were built, there would be 1000 by 1945. This is still only 1933, he then sets out to brainwash the people with his blood and race art of square chinned blonde people. Rewriting history and even German law to promote the white Aryan type Germans. Even Jesus was turned Nordic.  

Jews and non-Aryans are banned from the practice of law and from jobs in the civil service. Jews in government jobs are made to retire except for WWI veterans. He carries out employment and economic sanctions against Jews and non-Aryans which are those with Jewish blood even if they aren't in the faith. 

The Nazis make a law to prevent too many Jews from gaining higher education ... a similar law to the one in place in the US. 

Hitler says he is only doing to the Jews what the Catholic Church has been doing to them for 1600 years. He later bans the Jewish ritual slaughter of animals for meat.   
While Paris and London hold anti-Nazi protests Norway forms its own fascist party modeled on the Nazis.  The American Jewish Congress declares a boycott of Nazi Germany. 

Still only July of 1933 and 30,000 are in the concentration camps.

With boycotts of Germany all around the world Hitler bans Jews from the fields of journalism, art, literature, music, broadcasting, theater and farming. 

The newspapers are then seized and controlled by the government.  Criminals homeless, beggars, unemployed and alcoholics are put into concentration camps. That's really anyone they want, all they have to do is accuse.

The Arabs riot in Palestine at the increased immigration of the Jews there. 

Now with all political rivals in camps and the population under control the Nazis get 93% of the vote though they were the only ones that could nominate candidates. 

Albert Einstein proves he's a genius by getting the fuck out of Germany for the US. Later he'd turn down ruling Israel as he was against a nation set up by terrorists. He believed in political freedom, tolerance, and equality, that says a lot about Israel.     

That was all in 1933 when people were allowed to have guns.  

In 1934 thousands of Americans have a pro-Nazi rally in Queens, New York. Congressman Louis T. McFadden delivers an antisemitic speech to the House of Representatives. 
An extreme anti-Semitic group is formed in Poland. Germany and Poland have a 10 year nonaggression pact signed. 

In Germany Jews are longer entitled to health insurance. 

The Nazis persecute homosexuals, especially those in their own ranks on what was called the Night of the long knives. The pogroms begin in which Jews in other cuntries aligned with Germany are slaughtered in the hundreds. 

In 1935 increased antisemitism in Poland with the Catholic church doing much of the discrimination. The future Pope John Paul II claimed to have been friends with many Jews as a child in Poland, he started to learn about the priesthood in 1942. I suppose you can invent whatever past you wanted to if there is no records. He some how managed to stay out of all the fighting. 

Like other groups throughout history Jews Not Wanted signs appeared in shops and restaurants in Germany. Jews were also banned from joining the military. 

Martin Niemoeller was a Protestant pastor who supported the Nazis until they took over the church. He was eventually sent to a concentration camp for his rebellious sermons. He was the one that said. 

"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me."

Jews are disqualified for German citizenship. No voting rights, could not hold public office, not even the WWI vets, the Jewish children weren't allowed to play with non-Jews and no mixed marriages. 

Still, they were allowed by law to have firearms.

In 1938 Sigmund Freud flees Austria for England. Synagogues are burned down, Jews are forced to eat grass in a display of humiliation and the pogroms continue. Jews have to have identity cards. Jewish doctors can only work as nurses for Jewish patients. Jewish lawyers for Jews and children have to go to Jewish schools.

US car manufacturer Henry Ford accepts the medal of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle because he is a cunt.  
The American Virgin Islands were offered as a haven for Jews but the US government didn't act on it. Chamberlain appeases Hitler while Winston Churchill said that Palestine was not an option for Jews to settle in.

Whoaa! Black man with a gun, the 2nd Amendment never meant for this, oh it's just Ben Carson, he's all white right.

Why did I mention all of this? To give you an idea of what was going on and to blow the whole first they take away the guns argument out of the water. Martin Niemoeller never mentioned guns in his wee poem, this is a modern American idea.

In 1938 Hitler relaxed gun owning laws, before it was rules from 1928 which was well before Hitler that made you have a permit and to be of good character so Jews could have had all sorts of guns then and later on they could do what people do today, break into the house of a gun owner and steal their guns.

In 1938 rifles and shotguns became unregulated but that was when the Nazis banned Jews from owning guns. So much had been taken before the guns had been taken.

Blaming the Jews in hindsight is ultimate victim blaming, you weren't there Carson, you don't know or at least fail to understand how difficult the government can make if for you to live that worrying about your next meal is your key concern.
Yeah we'll just get some guns, a few million rifles and shotguns .... oh they have submachine guns, fancy, it'll never catch on.

I'd like to see the US gun nuts take on the government, they'll soon discover that their semi-automatic weapons are no match for tanks and drones, also not everyone is as paranoid and full of unrealistic gun courage given to them by years of action movies. You think that taking your assault rifles is stripping you of yer rights like Nazi Germany then you are a fuckwit..... a self-entitled, spoiled pampered fuckwit. 

The 6 million Jews would have merely been slaughtered faster like in the Warsaw ghetto when they did fight back in 1943. Why didn't the German people fight for the Jews? Why didn't the Catholic church stand up for the Jews? Why didn't the International community attack instead of denounce and boycott? Everyone trying to avoid a war like WWI that they sacrifice a few things here and there.

Britain and France had around 400,000 troops with rifles fighting the Germans in 1939 - 1940. They were trained fighting men and they got their ass handed to them which led to the Dunkirk evacuation. The Germans remarked on the skill and the bravery of the British Tommy with their Enfield rifles, holding back the Germans with their machine guns and tanks in order for their comrades to get evacuated at Dunkirk, 12,000 were killed and 41,000 captured.  

Britain and France were still imaging WWI and were pitifully prepared for WWII. The Germans were fighting a modern war that relied on fire power rather than accuracy, much like the wars continuing to this day.
Could a load of civilian Jews, not all of them men or of fighting age have made any difference to the Holocaust? Just because they didn't fight didn't make them cowards, they believed in humanity and they and the world were not prepared for what was to come.

Carson you are wrong to judge in hindsight considering it's a proven fact that not even all soldiers will fire back at the enemy when under fire. People don't react the way you'd think they would, you cannot assume they will.
More guns would not make a difference and won't today. If you use a weapon to fight with the chances of that weapon being taken away from you and used against you is high, especially for the untrained population. Just because you have a gun doesn't mean you can use it.

Owning a gun never made Old Knudsen feel extra safe because you aren't always near it, you can get taken by surprise and the other person maybe faster and have a bigger gun. It's an option but shit happens which is why even cops and soldiers get killed.

You, unlike the Jews have given up your rights anyways. That Social Security number that follows you all yer life, those consent forms, the finger printing for some jobs and to receive benefits, the personal info you gave to Facebook, the GPS in your phone and also letting the government keeps records of you and your e-mails and texts .... for yer own safety in case of terrorism.

I don't see you fighting back. That's because the government wouldn't kill us. Well they might imprison us but killing the Native Americans, the Boers, the Irish, the Jews, that's history right?

I live in the UK, handguns are illegal, semi-automatic rifles are illegal and you must have a permit and a reason to own a rifle and a shotgun. Self defense is not a valid reason especially if no one is trying to kill you. Our rules changed after some wankers took the piss with weapons and killed people. It took one school shooting and one street shooting to get here.

You get the odd nutter with a shotgun shooting people but it's rare. Our children don't get shot at school and in all the other gun free zones they don't get shot either. We don't need a gun to feel safe, sure we have violence but not 9 people killed at a time violence, the people usually live and another thing, with the lack of guns the government isn't marching us into the ovens like how all the US gun nuts say they will and our guns laws have been this way since 1996.

Most police in the UK don't carry guns, the threat of terrorism since 9/11 has increased the numbers of armed response teams even though over 30 years of IRA terrorism didn't. Old Knudsen lived through the terrorist years in Northern Ireland which is why I laugh at the small balled Americans clinging to their gun courage. Life is a lottery and if your time is up a gun probably won't help much.

You'll probably put yer eye out. 






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