Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back To The Future Day

I just traveled from 1985 to see how far you've come to fixing the hole in the ozone layer that we discovered. Global warming, climate change, the ice sheet melting? What are you talking about, we're supposed to be getting an ice age.

Good to see you ended the Cold war .... now you're at war with Russia using Middle Eastern terrorists, you must mean the Libyans and Iranians .... oh the Syrians and Iraqis too, sweet.

Why are people walking around staring at calculators? This is all so weird, where are the flying cars and the hover boards?


The cars don't fly and that board doesn't even hover, it makes you look like a total dweeb. The future really sucks. You ruined Star Wars and smoking and what happened to America's greatness?

Happy Back To The Future Day.

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