Friday, 23 October 2015

Airstrikes Kill Some ISIS Fruit Trees

Russia scored an important strike against ISIS in an ISIS controlled part of Syria on Wednesday. The airstrike was against an orchard that grows apricots and grapes and has been under ISIS control since June.

Syria is the third largest producer of grapes in the Middle East and ranked #28 in the world  producing 0.4% of the world's production. As if you didn't know.

The price of grapes has increased dramatically due to the conflict earning ISIS $12 million a month on the Turkish black market. ISIS mostly only spend their money on Nutella, flags and social media accounts as weapons, ammo and vehicles are supplied on a regular basis by the Iraqi military and the US equipped Free Syrian Army.

ISIS drives TOYOTA ... Let's go places.  

The Russian military have been scathing in their remarks about the US only targeting Sugar beets and hospitals and see this as a military and political victory.

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