Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Town In Terror

In the town of Creekview Ohio there is a terror that few want to speak about. This small all American town which boasts of having the largest ball of yarn in the world and was the home town to a guy that was in a popular 70's beer commercial until his untimely death in a plane crash hides a deep shame that many of the locals would rather just not talk about. The streets are strangely empty during the day with curtains twitching every time an unfamiliar face walks by.   What could be wrong in such a quaint, picturesque place? 

Old Sam Rollins seems to be the only one brave enough to discuss it. Rollins a retired tractor painter and Navy vet who served in Nam. "I was a gunner's mate on the PBR's  (Patrol Boat Riverine) sailing up and down the Mekong Delta putting a hole in any slope we saw so I know fear but this is different, it just ain't right."

When Rollins was discharged from the Navy he moved back to his hometown of Creekview and married his childhood sweet heart Martha. "She wasn't much to look at but she was an animal in the sack" said Rollins as he took a drag on his cigar, "sure glad she ain't around to see this."

What is this horror, this shame that no one will name for fear of attracting its unwanted attention?  Rollins finishes his 6th beer of the morning, "I'll come out and say it, the kids are rotten, they've got the devil inside them."

The streets are empty until school gets out and then everyone shutters up their houses. The children are like something out of Lord of the flies as they run around with mock horse's heads on sticks. What is wrong with these sick wee fuckers?

It makes you wonder what these children will turn out like if they think parading about with a horse's head on a stick is fun.
Yes this is a non-story ..... of horror.

Don't get me started about kids who play with severed heads like some kind of serial killer. Old Knudsen saw death and horror in the trenches of the Battle of Britain but this is another level of horror.

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