Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Maria Ozawa Sunday

So on Facebook I get these strange friend requests and it's usually after I comment about things that upset people like guns, politics and religion, the three topics that attracts the most attention from the crazies. Old Knudsen can handle himself and if you've seen the pictures you know he does handle himself a lot but crazy can get boring so I don't accept most of the random requests I get.

After not accepting a friend request I sometimes get a friend request from a hot chick like the one above. It turns out she is the spitting image of Maria Ozawa who is a porn star in Japan. Luckily I have friends who know such things. 

Yes it did send me on a Google frenzy, I'm starting to regret not friending her on the account she just created last week, nope, doesn't sound dodgy at all. 

 She may very well be perfect.  

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