Monday, 21 September 2015

These Are The End Times So Eat Up

I'm looking to the sky to save me, looking for a sign of life, looking for something to help me burn out bright.

I don't understand cult leaders who pin down a date to say that the mothership will come or how all the good people will float up to the clouds and fuck 72 virgins or something. Any good cult leader such as the Pope will keep it going cos their life is good and you don't want to spoil it for the next old white man in a dress.

Did Marshall Herff Applewhite jr and Harold Camping actually believe the shit they were coming out with? Did they go full retard? 
The followers of Pyotr Kuznetsov who lived in a cave in Russia for 6 months in 2007 left their hole and still 14 of them still believed even though the world did not end. 
Applewhite had already led people out to the Colorado desert in 1975 to get beamed up which as we know didn't happen and in 1997 he talked 38 idiots (including the brother of Nichelle Nichols or Uhura) to drink some apple juice vodka and drugs then put plastic bags over their heads to aid their beaming up.

Camping didn't just get it wrong in 2012 he also had a failure to perform in 1994 too. Luckily people were just done out of their savings funding Camping's crazy ideas.

The Reverend Mr. John Hagee, the pastor of a Texas superchurch wrote in his book Blood Moons: Something is About to Change that the end is nigh ... again. He isn't Jewish but he's a Christian so he tacitly believes all yon Jewish shite such as the owning of slaves, killing yer neighbour if they work on the Sabbath, not going near those unclean weemen who are on the rag etc .... Not going near menstruating weemen is a no brainer, do I like random and sudden violence? Well I do but not against my person.

The 28th September is the date for the end of the world, yep we've just got a little ... LOOK, there's Jesus! nope my bad it was only Russell Brand. No seriously there he is, he's back, look busy.

Oh, it's just Jared Leto and some bloke. I don't think he's coming back ... he's no Buffy the vampire slayer who actually DID come back from the dead. Yeah I believe in Buffy, Jesus can fuck off.

The conspiracy nuts lovers are posting videos from French psychic Jacques Nietzermann claiming to have been made in 1980 in which he predicts 9/11, Obama being preez and a bearded lady winning the Eurovision song contest. 
It's a con, the original video said the world would end in 2012 and that he couldn't see past that but now there is a bit edited in that says September 2015, someone really wants you to believe this. 
I'm done with people predicting the future as it's usually bullshit, sure some like myself may predict things (like the big war in 2020) but that's not from some alien spirit guide named Marvin, that's from past patterns and the weapons they are building to be ready for 2020. If someone predicts the future they are talking shite unless they give me exacts. 
Even the medieval Irish chief Cormac mac Airt knew, he said that anyone who claims to be able to tell the future was a liar, I don't question the chief. So many psychics over the years and so little proof.     

Then there was Operation Jade Helm that ran from 15 th July to Sept 15th in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Utah. Crazy fuckers Concerned citizens said it was a psychological ploy to get people used to seeing troops on the streets so they could take their guns, these people were extra freaked out when they heard that some Wal-Marts were closed which meant they had to put on some clean clothes and shop at Target instead.

Obama didn't declare marshal law like how he was supposed to and the Chinese didn't invade and put the people into the closed Wal-Marts or processing plants .... no one cares. Were the troops getting ready for the disaster going to happen on the 28th?

 Touch my snake and say amen!

Bible thumpers like Hagee have said that after the blood moons there will be an asteroid strike, probably in Texas YAY! Besides Florida I can't think of anywhere better.

A leaked memo or a classified document posted on the NASA website and then allegedly deleted told of an asteroid PDC-H5 that will hit Texas on the 28th.

Maybe it was an e-mail or maybe it was on a rolled up piece of paper up some Iraqi's ass. The ass map or whatever it was tells us that NASA are keeping the truth from us. The Bible thumpers all cheer, you mean after years of going to church and reading that poorly written book it was actually true ... no, not really.

 Yes Adolf you've been a good boy.

Imagine grown adults believing that some hippy can walk on water and cure lepers by touch, shame on you for being an idiot, just don't go spreading that bullshit to yer kids, the Santa lie is bad enough. There is something more, it's just not anything that can be defined by man because we're just apes without a clue. Can an ant tell you all the secrets of the universe? Man's greatest gift is that he/she can make up shit to fill in the gaps.  
Of course the world will end on a Monday, who likes Mondays? 

The religious fundies will say, "well it's a leap of faith" or "you just have to believe" which is what we tell the kids about Santa, the Tooth fairy and the Easter fucking bunny and we've accepted that all of that is bollocks .... or maybe not and if so I apologise for being the one to break it to you.

Devote yer life to the gospel then die with no proof, reason or logic involved, that's a pretty big gamble to waste yer life on, life is short and you only get one go. It's like people who after 60 years of working look back at all that time they missed with their family and see the waste of it all. No one has ever said, "I wish I had spent more time at work."

Just in the hopes that if you say the right incantation and give the right offerings then that a magical being will show YOU favour and if you follow the right deluded preacher who knows better than you, it's all very primitive and quite selfish, we are special and chosen, save us.
Enjoy the end of the werld next week or you can disregard it like how all the other times the preachers and prophets have been wrong and wonder what else they can be wrong about.

Unicorns from the Bible ..... not real either .... sorry. 



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