Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Pope Will Love Abortion For One Year Only

Then I said that all the sluts would be forgiven ... lol.

From the Vatican that said that if you followed Pope Francis on Twitter you'd get time knocked off in purgatory comes the bargain of a lifetime .... a chance you can't afford to miss if you like cock. 
The Pope has announced a year of forgiveness starting December 8th for any woman who has had an abortion but wants to repent her dirty sinful ways. 

The white men in the dresses are showing the bitches who has the power. Raped by yer uncle and had an abortion? They don't want to hear yer life story you Hell bound sinner, you did it and there is no way around God's wrath ..... except for this. 

When Jesus died for yer sins did you not read the fine print? The uncle rapist and all the blokes that said they'd pull out are ok, they can be forgiven no problem but the women, that's another matter.

It's almost as if all this shit is made up but I have proof that is isn't: "And so the Bible is the true word of God and not made up in anyway" Luke 23:69     

If you quote Bible scripture as proof of something, you may be semi retarded.

That idiot clerk Kim Davis from buttfuck Kentucky who refuses to issue ghey marriage licenses because God told her not to .... but he's cool with divorce papers though so she'll do those. Knowing the word of God is fairly fucking arrogant especially if yer sources all come from man. Claiming God wrote this through me is just like saying, "The Devil made me do it."

Love thy neighbour unless they are fags, illegal immigrants or something ucky then in that case kill them all.  

People need religion because they are full of fear and self doubt, they need to know that something bigger than them cares about their pathetic existence. 
Don't seek validation from a priest for yer actions in the past, you probably had very good reasons for doing what you did and most people won't know what it was like .... especially some old white dude who fancies boys. The only validation you need is from yourself, the only forgiveness you need is from yourself. If you respect someone and have hurt them then their forgiveness might be needed or at least an apology but to these cunts in Rome, they can fuck away off, one rule or religion does not fit all. 

People have regret and remorse at so much stuff they have done in their past or for things that have happened to them. PTSD and anxiety is bad enough without some cunt reminding you that you are full of sin and it's your fault. Work through your own issues rather than relying on some strange bloke in a dress and accept that you can't go back and change things, move on cos life is a wasting.  

Being a sloth is one of the deadly sins and so is pride, believing that one is essentially better than others which is what the men at the Vatican do on a regular basis. What about greed, the sin of excess? Is the Vatican still the biggest bank in the world, still got all yer Nazi gold?

In 1978 two Popes died of heart attacks, we need a bit more of that I reckon, lets hope they had their sins heard before their sudden deaths or all that Popey shite was for nothing. 

So 2016 is the year to have abortions if you want to go to Heaven, Old Knudsen wants to have one just to piss off the elitist self serving Pope, maybe I'll have me a ghey marriage too and see if he has a heart attack, he really doesn't like the gheys getting married nor letting them adopt either but people ignore that because he said "who am I to judge?" and then carries on judging gheys.

Other sins that will not be forgiven are divorce, eating shellfish and wearing mixed fibres, yes, the Vatican supports double denim.
If you are getting yer abortion wiped clean make sure yer priest is a Vatican certified absolver of sins, too many cowboy priests waving their arms doing a blessing then when the person dies they find out the blessing wasn't done right and it's straight to Hell.   

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