Friday, 18 September 2015

The Great Chair Conspiracy

Ritz Hotel, 1919 During Old Knudsen's birthday party.

I recently did an online test on face recognition with faces being upside down and different expressions and of course Old Knudsen was well above average. It was for a study by a university, not for the CIA then they picked an inanimate object and show you different types of it for 10 seconds then you have to pick them out by memory. They chose chairs as the object cos who the fuck is an expert in chairs?       

Old Knudsen is, he scored in the top 5%. 

I have long known of the great chair conspiracy that once yer eyes are open to it you will never be the same again. Old Knudsen has an aye four detail, a flair for the dramatic and a brown eye that never stops itching.

 Land of the living dead, sometimes the chairs are a different colour and sometimes the pad it different. 

 Mr Robot. 

Dominion TV show .... I was only watching this shite for a friend ... yeah that's it.

Marvel: Agents of Shield.

Dr Who. 

Doctor Who 50th anniversary with baps.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford .... the chairs were the best part of that movie.

Wedding Crashers. 

Wolf Blitzer at the Madison hotel, Washington DC.

There are many more examples and now they know that we know.

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