Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sometimes A Clock Is Just A Clock

His t-shirt says NASA which means .. Nnihilate America Says Allah ... maybe. 

Ahmed Mohamed a 14 year-old from Texas brought into school a home made clock to impress his teacher. He was told to keep it in his back pack and this wasn't a problem until it started beeping. Texans freak out when they hear beeping, they get the urge to shoot it. In fact they are like that with most things. 

Ahmed was taken out of class and handcuffed. There has been a backlash because many people including Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and those NASA scientists types were pissed off because imagination was rewarded with handcuffs .... well it is Texas. 

If you watch Mission Impossible or 24 you'll know that this is exactly what a bomb should look like. If you don't get fantasy confused with reality you'll see it's a circuit board and a large time display without any type of explosives. 
When Old Knudsen makes bombs he ensures the time display is that big so people with poor eyesight can see the count down, it's health and safety rules. 

People are comparing the story to other cases claiming that it's about being overly political correct or even racist against white people, these are the same white people who remain quiet when countless black people get shot by police. 

The 7 year-old John Welch with ADHD was aiming for a mountain but his pop tart became more gun like. His teacher said he was pointing it and going bang bang. Do you know anything about boy childs? They can turn anything into a gun. Look, a stick "bang bang" no, it's a machine gun, "bababababa" then it becomes a club to smash things with. Welch got suspended and his pop tart permit revoked. 

There was another 13 year-old boy who faces second-degree assault when he inappropriately kissed a 14 year-old girl on a dare. Kids do stupid things but they should know that forcing a kiss, or anything else onto somebody is wrong. 
Neither of these two kids got an invite to the White House so it must be racism in favour of Muslims cos Obama being a Muslim and all .... according to Trump and his legions of doom. 

I'm sure there are plenty of window lickers that don't get invited to the White House, leave race and religion out of it and focus on the actions. 

Ahmed's father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who is originally from Sudan, says his son fixes everything around the house like phones and computers. He'll be transferring schools soon so fuck you MacArthur High School.  
MacArthur as you know was the crazy ass General who wanted to nuke China during the Korean war. He was reassigned for the sake of world peace.  

Yes this was no doubt racial profiling and stereotyping, if they really thought it was a bomb then why leave it half the day and not evacuate the school? Kids do stupid things but in this case it's the adults being the window lickers. 

Ingenuity should not be rewarded with a slap down, it's a pity that some people can't see a brown Muslim kid in any sort of positive light without trying to tear him down ... c'mon white kids, enough with the sexual assaults and breakfast guns, do something intelligent. 

Bristol Palin, the spokesperson for Unplanned parenthood complained that Obama was stoking racial tensions and should stay out of it. Again with people going on about race but really meaning religion. 

They are being sectarian, not racist ya stupid plebs though being brown is pretty handy for racists too. Religion has always been a handy excuse to commit atrocities.    

If you have a problem with Ahmed Mohamed it isn't because he's brown, the US is full of brown people. To racists, brown and Asian people are way more acceptable than black folk ... that is why it's black lives matter even though blacks are only 13% of the population yet still seem to get shot and jailed the most. Strange that.

You have a problem with his name and where his father is from and of course religion ... all the same things Obama has and still has to face today, is it any wonder he invited Ahmed. The cunts maybe against you but you too can push past their prejudices and lies and become president.  

If you wish to get outraged then be outraged at all the sectarianism in Texas that led to this event. Did single mom and mother to be abstinence champion Bristol Palin speak out against the draw Muhammad competitions? ... no I don't believe she did, that was pure shit stirring. Other places too, there are still Sikhs such as Inderjit Singh Mukker getting beat up while getting called a terrorist. 

Ahmed was interrogated by police without a lawyer and though he was apologized too by the school he still got suspended so that blows the whole, 'he got invited to the White House while others got punished' theory. 

Quit panicking about Muslims under the bed ya cowards. Think about yer common ground. Muslims believe all that crazy ass shit that Christians do and have the same hates and prejudices, there are also some good Christians, Jews and Muslims who embrace reason and empathy though are obviously still pretty gullible when it comes to faith but that has more to do with insecurity and brainwashing yourself than actually believing. 

Ahmed speaks English (murican) better than many (Trump) he has embraced Western culture fully and hopes to go to MIT. He is all the things that tea-bagging muricans insist that immigrants should do and more. He may be the head of NASA some day or maybe president so get over yer issues and be more nice to him and all the others who are not terrorists.     


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