Friday, 25 September 2015

Popular Cult Leaders

When the Pope isn't slut shaming women who have had abortions he is out there doing some PR. The Vatican has found that this Pope can be a serial killer if he wanted as long as he says some vague progressive things and smiled a bit. Yes people really are that gullible because the Pope is supposed to be good right?

Religion isn't fact based so those who get moist over the Pope can be compared to a chick who dates bad boys and wonders why he treats her like shit. I'll save your soul honey, as long as you submit to my will which is obviously the will of God because the smoke monster said so in 2013.  You worship because of your issues, not because it's true. If it's true show me some evidence. A leap of faith might work for a child at Christmas who has to sleep or Santa won't come but not for adults.

Amongst all the people invited to the White House were some LGBT Catholics, there have been those who have blasted this because well the Pope and his church don't like them and have snubbed them where ever possible. He has had a long time stance against same sex marriage even as a Cardinal in Argentina and has said it's a "destructive pretension against the plan of God" .... God has a Plan? he has also defined marriage as being between a man and a woman and that is the environment in which children should be raised.
Yes the hate is strong but since every other Pope is the same then what can you expect? I don't see anything wrong with inviting gheys to the White House, he has to meet them sometime and I'm sure his handlers kept them at bay so he wasn't infected with aids or gheyness.   

I was always told that Catholics had horns but no, Muslims do too.

Once difference is that the Pope thinks those born out of wedlock should be baptized (we need the souls) and single moms should be helped by the church ... like the Magdalene laundrys perhaps. Keep them in their place and make sure they know just how full of sin they are, as the father of the child gets a free pass of course.

Ach they just want more children to molest. The Pope complimented the American Bishops on staying strong throughout the child abuse scandals .... all 17,200 of them. He said they had showed courage and great sacrifice during a very difficult time.

Of course he didn't apologise to the victims, it was all their fault anyways. While as a cardinal in Argentina he obstructed and slowed any claims of abuse and with 42 pedo priests there, Bergoglio/Francis merely denied there were any in his diocese. (the largest diocese in Argentina) He was all for the church taking care of it rather than informing the police so you wouldn't have heard of most of it. Threats, gag orders and moving the priests to Rome, he also refused to meet with victims or their parents ....  so yeah, he's a nice bloke.

Old Knudsen doesn't do the stick and the carrot abuse thing very well as he tends to only remember the abuse. Nasty people can pretend to be nice but it's more difficult for nice people to pretend to be nasty. That is why the Pope does not fool me anymore than Donald Trump would. I understand people.

You don't vote for the GOP or even the DUP if you support equality and are a well rounded person for fucks sake. If the Vatican changes policy it won't be because it follows the teaching of love from Jesus, it's because it suits them or they were forced to.

Another cult leader who has the masses fooled is the Dalai Lama. He went from being a pampered god with servants who were more like slaves to become the #1 photo op for A- list celebs when the Chinese invaded Tibet and he bravely fled. He sits at the top of his social pyramid in a position of great privilege. At an estimated fortune of around $22 million he sure likes to promote peace and harmony without all the trappings of a modern life.

The Pope also champions against poverty from an ivory tower too.

Will the Dalai Lama reincarnate when he dies? Of course he will, the rest of the monks gotta eat ya know. Will China find and appoint a new Lama? .... ah when politics and religion clash then suddenly the magic goes. Like UFO's and moving Mary statues with the introduction of camera phones.

The Lama was asked if a woman could be the next Lama and he said yes, as long as she was attractive. He then assured the interviewer that he wasn't joking.

It seems that women have more compassion than men and so they are better suited to being Lama, he also said that she had to have a nice rack so his former self can play with them all day.

Pope Francis was asked if the next Pope could be a woman, he hasn't stopped laughing yet to reply.      


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