Sunday, 13 September 2015

Nigel Farage: Corbyn Stole My Popularity

Earlier this year Neo Nazi Conservative but not Tory misogynistic racist right wing Ukip leader Nigel Farage was 'The man of the people' he smoked, he drank lots of beer and believed in aces in their places, in other words weemen were best suited for the kitchen. The British public loved him and found themselves becoming ever so much more racist, anti-immigrant and ready to make excuses for anything that Nigel or his party said.
Maybe the 1950's were a golden age .... before all the wogs came over that is and was slavery as bad as they made it out to be?
Nigel's popularity shook the general elections but still, people preferred David Cameron as the wanker they wanted in charge and Nigel has mostly vanished from the headlines.

Now with Corbyn mania the same people who were calling for immigrants to be hanged have decided to be wishy washy lefties. Jeremy Corbyn is the next new thing. He's old, he has a hat and he's anti-establishment .... if Old Knudsen was paranoid he'd think that he had a old white male stalker, if he exposes himself to young mothers on the bus then I'm suing.

I know that the British people are supposed to like the underdog but seriously, every fucking underdog that comes around?
I'm a Nazi, Farage knows what he's talking about, I'm a terrorist sympathizer, Corbyn knows what he's talking about.
Can we not find an older white man who isn't at either end of the spectrum to lead this cuntry? Someone that doesn't take shit and who doesn't ride on band wagons.

Yeah ok I may have a bit of a past but most witnesses have been taken care of. I can't werk Tuesday mornings as I see my parole officer or Thursday afternoons as that's my therapist oh and I do the odd shift at a local hospital at weekends, they don't know about it but apart from that I am ready for responsibility, ya can't get any more under the dog than me.

Corbyn got elected as Labour's new leader, you'd think he had won a landslide General election by the way his followers were getting on. I doubt Corbyn will live long enough to see a General election and if he did he'd probably lose it anyways.
To give the last werd to Nigel, "You can't trust Corbyn, he doesn't smoke, he respects people and drinks half pints of shandy, he once had a three way with Gerry Adams and Colonel Gaddafi while Yasser Arafat wanked off in the corner."   

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