Saturday, 5 September 2015

ISIS Destroy Dunluce Castle

Did ISIS blow up ancient castle that once belonged to Sir Galahad? The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) have asked the British government for a grant to fix up Dunluce castle that sits on the northern coast of Northern Ireland. 

John Connor from the NIEA said, "ach look at it, the walls are crumbling, no roof and the kitchen fell into the sea, I wouldn't be surprised if ISIS didn't blow it up like they did the 2000-year-old Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra, it's a total shite heap. If we don't fix the castle up then the terrorists have won." 

The government are investigating these claims. ISIS may rape women, decapitate prisoners and blow up babies but destroying ancient buildings is a new low, we (the west) are very disappointed in you ISIS.     


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