Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fear Not Hate Less


Having been in various situations in my life and have become a little obsessed with fear. Why do we feel it and how can we stop it?
I'm always reminded of the scene from the Peter O'Toole movie Lord Jim where he goes below deck of his boat to check for damage and he sees a small leak, that leak becomes a flood in his mind and he panics and launches the life boats making sure he gets into one. The boat makes it into port and he is branded a coward, his own self-loathing forcing him to become a drifter. 

Fear is contagious but the way to avoid it is: 'If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too' .... blah blah blah it ends with you’ll be a Man, my son

Keeping calm with reason and logic is the way to go so you don't give in to fear. It's difficult as fear very often has no logic to it. How can you be so self loathing yet fear harm or death? If that is so then you must go back to a time that taught you to fear. Why am I afraid?  Is the question you need to ask, and be honest. 

A lot of the time being afraid or being closed off was coping mechanism but as you get older you find you are still doing it though you don't need to and it only causes harm now.  

On the whole Americans are the most full of fear, their media has them on the edge so much that they learn to fear everything. The self sufficient attitude is valued though self sufficiency is very difficult to attain.  It's a rigged game and the American dreams costs way too much money. 
I watched a survival show called 'Alone' and the big corn fed guy from Florida who was massive and looked tough had a fear of wolves, he was bitten by a dog as a child. 
Wolves try their best to avoid humans and that movie 'The Grey' was based on shite not fact. This big bloke complained about how he didn't have his gun and was never so far from a gun in his life, it was very upsetting to watch cos he was such a pussy. Another bloke planned to sleep holding onto his knife so he could stab in the face any animals that come into his tent, he was a scrawny guy with dreads for fucks sake but with a can do attitude. 

The big Floridian asked to leave on the second day. Imagine being so reliant on a firearm, he should never have been on the show as his courage only came from a gun. The UK and the rest of Europe are catching the fear too. When you see so much hatred against another people you can tell it's based on fear. 

Hitler used fear to target the Jews and now other right wing types use fear to target Muslims .... not terrorists or Islamic extremists but Muslims, to them their fear and hate are all one and the same. 

I've seen this fear before, in Northern Ireland the Protestants fear the Catholics and they in turn fear the Prods. They hate each other because they fear each other just like the Israelis and the Palestinians, it all runs on fear of the other and the differences rather than the similarities.    

Peter Lee Goodchild presented this bloke as an ISIS fighter posing as a refugee. It was later found out that this man was Free Syrian Army commander Laith al-Saleh aged 30, who fought against ISIS near his hometown of Aleppo. "Everyone wants to leave Syria. My (home) is the most dangerous city in the world. About 70 per cent of the city is destroyed... In Syria, al-Qaeda want me, ISIS, the government — I fought them all. I don't care. Some people are afraid. I'm not." 

This guy would be considered a hero for what he did and who he fights. He doesn't want to be a refugee but he has a wife and son who he'll be bringing over. Young single men get the luxury of being fully committed in war time. 

We have that ancient fight or flight mechanism in us but because for many of us there is no immediate enemy to fight or no real reason to flee we turn it into hate. It's easier to hate than to understand. It's easier to find all your answers in religion than think for yourself, same mindset.

The guy afraid of dogs is still reliving his childhood panic, childhood issues very often form your adult thinking and are tougher to get over. Would every dog bite this fella? Would every Muslim blow up a building?

The fear and the hate manifests itself in different ways such as racism or homophobia and unattainable ideals like freedom and taking back the country get bandied about but only for straight white Christian people. You are as free as your government allows you to be and take back yer cuntry? From who? .... the ethnics?

Either people can't be or just refuse to be empathic but that right there shows you they are failing to use their brains for reasoning.

People are using the refugee crisis to cause fear. They say ISIS will send terrorists in posing as refugees in order to get to the west.
Think about it for a moment. Most attacks do not come straight from Iraq or Syria but are home grown. Sure some ISIS fighters may be sent and I'm sure there will be some conveniently found to change public opinion against refugees but it's a crap plan. If terrorists are found it will be for political reasons. 

Radical Islamists are not very good at convert activities especially when surrounded by thousands of people who in their opinion should be executed.
All refugees will have a spotlight put on them as their story is told and verified and they'll be given numbers like all of us free people and probably fingerprinted. Things a convert operative should avoid, even sleeper agents. Those who ripped up their passports and fled to Syria would be easy to detect if they tried to get back in.

You fear the government and hate having a black president so you call conspiracy after every shooting spree, you fear ghey marriage because it attacks the sanctity of straight marriage even though you are a divorcee, you just hate gheys, you fear Muslims because this is a Christian cuntry though you don't go to church, never read the Bible yer just a racist who uses 9/11 as a reason to hate.

I will hate you if you blow up a building full of people or behead prisoners, however if you just believe in some god, don't do any harm or try to convert me then I won't hate you.

You can tell a lot about a person by what they hate and how negative they are with no real solutions but to join the mob and be like other same minded people.
You fear and hate because you are not in a good place in life and can't understand why you feel this way.

Why does a bully, bully?  

It's difficult to be deep and introspective because you find out real truths about yourself that you may not like.
If you research history you may find those heroes you had weren't that good or that your people were the bullies. No wonder people ignore truth and cherry pick their issues. "I support the 2nd amendment because owning a gun/guns is my right .... fuck those dead kids it ain't my problem, blame the government." 

Typical right wing people see being introspective as a weakness because thinking and book lernin is what weak nerds do. I see it as being strong because then you actually know what you are capable of doing and you won't be swept along by mass hysteria. Empathy isn't being weak, it's the ability to think like others and that wins wars because you can predict the enemies moves.


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