Friday, 4 September 2015

Dr David Kelly Was Suicided

" Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." ~ Adolf Hitler.   
When "The Government" wants to do something big they don't tell the public the truth, they tell their version of what they want the public to know. If the public knew about all the pay offs, back room deals and murders they might eventually get angry enough to act. Drones get sent out all the time to kill foreign brown and black people but we don't care because we are disassociated with that reality, the Walking Dead spin off has started and I have to paint the kitchen and binge drink at the weekend so fuck em.     
What issues get you annoyed: The disappearing middle class, immigrants everywhere, ISIS are going to get us, they want our guns or in the UK stoopid Americans have too many guns, police killing black people, ghey marriage, elections? 
Being trapped in Middle East wars has become less important because we've been told the troops have left those places ... not all of them, the wars of terror have become the holding action of terror. 
Education, healthcare and a lack of well paying jobs are always a secondary worry that gets little exposure. 
Even celebs doing their shopping gets more coverage than our poorly funded healthcare system or the fact that police just won't bother attending most crimes ... unless it's traffic crimes as they are money makers. 
Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, we need to take away yer liberties in order to protect you, we have to fight them there so they don't come here. 

Well that escalated quickly .... and it's still going on. 

Don't say you are fighting ISIS but ignore intel about hostages so they can be killed to justify more war. Don't say you are fighting ISIS when in reality you are bombing Assad's oil refineries because he is the real target. 
Bush lied, Obama is lying and when Hilary becomes preez she'll lie ... as will their British Prime Minister lapdogs. 

What do the public do? They take tests to find out if some Internet site can guess their age by their musical tastes or vocabulary .... or maybe what kind of tree you are. 
In 2003 weapons expert Dr David Kelly had told the BBC that the US and UK's claim about weapons of mass destruction had been "sexed up" for the public. 
After being named as the source of a BBC report he was made to give evidence and to testify on what he said. Two days after the hearings he was found dead a few miles from his Oxfordshire home of apparent suicide.
This isn't Enemy of the state, it's fucking Oxfordshire. A top expert who goes against two world powers and causes them big embarrassment does not just end up dead in a copse a few miles from his home.  
His wife Janice told the inquiry into his death that her husband had been dismayed by the media frenzy however he had expressed a wish to get back to the real work in Iraq when it had all died down.     

The inquest opened into Dr Kelly's death was never completed. Lord Hutton who headed the inquiry at the behest of Tony Blair said it was most likely suicide due to having destroyed his own reputation by breaking trust, and a severe loss of self-esteem, he was 59, by that time yer pretty well comfortable in yer own skin and fuck the rest. Hutton requested that the post-mortem examination and toxicology tests be classified for 70 years to protect the privacy of the Kelly family.

Isn't that odd? In order to end all the speculation the reports were published and backed up what Lord Hutton had said, wasn't that handy? 

A groups of Doctors have said that Lord Hutton only spent half a day on the inquest and "No coroner in the land would have reached a suicide verdict on the evidence which Lord Hutton heard."

The official story is that Dr Kelly took an over dose of pain killers then cut his left wrist and bled to death. 

The problem that other professionals have about the death are the lack of Dr Kelly's fingerprints on the blunt garden knife he used. The non-toxic dose of co-proxamol found in his blood and stomach, why he wasn't spotted by the police helicopter with its thermal imaging cameras when he should have still been alive then and whether he actually did intend to kill himself. 
They say his wounds were non-life threatening and that he hadn't lost enough blood. The request for further investigation has been denied. Campaign leader Dr Stephen Frost said, "The continuing cover-up of the truth of what happened is a national disgrace and should be of concern to all British citizens."
The Labour government dismissed Kelly as a Walter Mitty character, this man who achieved respect for his work during the Gulf war and had been nominated for a Nobel peace prize was a Walter Mitty character? I don't think so. 
He didn't crave the limelight and guess what? There were no WMD so he was the one telling the truth, not Blair and not Bush. 
A doctor who disliked taking pills would not take painkillers then use a blunt garden knife to slit his wrist with, you'd use a razor at least, if he was worried about the pain he'd take something stronger and make sure he'd cut both wrists. It sounds very dodgy. 
When people are suicidal they actually put a lot of thought into it which therapists call a plan. I think he was suicided and the cut of the wrist was probably to hide the needle mark.     
Even with the lack of WMD's Bush and Blair are still free to charge for after dinner speeches, paint, write books and to laugh at the 1.3 million people killed because they lied. 


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