Saturday, 8 August 2015

Your God Hates You


In 2013 radical Islamists in Bangladesh released a list of 84 atheist bloggers who were going to be killed for being critical spreading lies about Islam. Old Knudsen was the 85th but was taken off that list after I told them that I wasn't an atheist. Old Knudsen believes in more gods than you can shake a stick at.
So they put me on the 'kill whenever you can' list which I'm happy about as long as they give me a bit of notice. I'd hate to be killed if one of me shows was on.   

Of the 84 bloggers, 10 have been killed. Either hacked to death or stabbed. People think of blogging as a sad affair that only failed writers or mentally unstable people do but it's not, look at me, weemen beg me for sex everyday ... they all want me and my book would be on the best sellers list if those publishers had any fucking taste.
In butt fuck oppressive cuntries like Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia or North Korea a blog can give the people a voice that's free and that you can add pretty pictures to so the reader's lives are enbettered.

 Isn't blogging wonderful? Oh Mohammed, yer such a bottom feeder.

In Bangladesh you have to watch out for fanatical cunts in the streets but in Saudi Arabia it's the government. They sentenced Raif Badawi to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes. Aye the government of Saudi Arabia is full of camel molesting cunts. So what if he insulted Islam, if Islam is ok about cutting people's heads off and stoning them in the street then Islam is full of wank. Go on insult Old Knudsen's Paganism, say Thor takes it up the shitter or that Apollo is fat .... I'm no gonna hack someone to death for that, catch a grip. Old Knudsen's imaginary friends have thicker skins than that. 

Saudi Arabia .... our ally, is about to break their own record for beheadings. In Saudi Arabia you can get beheaded for ghey sex, adultery, arson, robbery, dealing and having drugs, apostasy, drinking booze and of course witchcraft or sorcery. A powerful Warlock such as Old Knudsen would be publicly executed in a heart beat in fact he wouldn't even have time to set his beer doon to put some lube on they'd have him in shackles. Saudi Arabia is sandy shit hole of oppression, they have oil, why haven't we bombed the fuck out of them? They aren't too far from the stone age, lets send them all the way.      

Niloy Neel is the latest blogger to have been killed in Bangladesh, there were 3 others this year in February, March and May. The nutjob group that had the original list only wanted the bloggers arrested and tried for blasphemy and claim to not know who is doing the killing. Is it a case of,  "Who will rid me of this troublesome priest" and some fuckwits saw it as their duty to Allah, like you do?

In from of the Tiger Palace which is totally a holiday camp. 

North Korea only allows one blog but it gives a good idea of what the people go through there. "I went to the store today and for a small sum bought lots of nutritious food, I saw our dear leader in the street helping an old lady to cross the road, he is so wonderful and looks more taller and muscular in real life than he does in photographs. I came home where my family were playing board games and speaking their opinions without fear and we all agreed that North Korea is the best place in the world to live in and that America needs to die."  

Only an amatuer uses their real name and gives details of where they live, which reminds me I think I'll get a take away from the King Dragon tonight since it's only 2 doors doon from me house and maybe tomorrow I'll walk into town via York street and see if I can see any of those movie stars that are in Belfast at the moment like Charlie Hunnam from Pacific Rimjob or that queer vampire Robert Pattinson. Both are due a dig in the back of their heds for making shite movies.

In case anyone has forgotten, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and those dodgy far east religions that no one cares about .... all full of fucktards, go plant a fucken tree and stop being cunts to each other.  

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