Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Yet Another Pedo

In the UK in the 70's and 80's every bloke in the public eye was a pedophile. It's true, but we let things like that slide as long as they were never caught and thanks to the police who covered their tracks they were never caught or they died before anyone believed the accusations, Heath died in 2005.

Edward Heath or Ted Heath was the Prime Minister of the UK 1970 - 1974. Yeah I'm not surprised that you know nothing about him, he was one of the drab old dudes you could easily ignore. I always got Heath mixed up with the other old grey haired Prime Ministers Harold Wilson and James Callaghan.

   L-R Callaghan, Wilson and Heath ..... probably.  

Heath didn't come from a privileged background and only got into college with a scholarship. He traveled in Germany in 1939 and got at good look at Hitler when he passed him during one of his rallies. In WWII he was an artillery lieutenant and went over to Europe during the Normandy invasions. He never killed anyone personally just bombed the fuck out of them and had a Polish soldier who raped and killed shot by a firing squad. 

As a Conservative Prime Minister he got Britain into the EU or the Common market, struggled against ever increasing unemployment, he proposed a power-sharing deal in Northern Ireland which  just had the Bloody Sunday shootings but the Loyalists said "NO" as usual, he also raised the school leaving age to 16. 
Before than we were given 2 weeks of school at the age of 6 then sent to werk doon the pits before being buggered by a toff and we were grateful.

He only served one term as PM and went on to be a thorn in Margaret Thatcher's side though he never referred to her by name. He earned the nick-name The incredible sulk which lasted about 25 years until he retired.   

 He must be guilty, he is in a picture with Jimmy Savile. 

Thought of as being aloof and rude with a great sense of entitlement, he believed that "Women have no original contribution to make to our debates." The life long bachelor didn't have time for weemen or underlings. He was asked if he should really visit Saddam Hussein because the man was evil, Heath replied, "It all depends what you mean by evil, she, after all, is an evil woman" yes he did compare Thatcher to Saddam and Thatcher was on his side. 

Heath is being investigated by 5 police services, Wiltshire, London, Jersey, Kent and Hampshire. He became a cup winning sailor and often sailed his yacht 'The morning cloud' around Jersey or if you believe the stories the yacht was nick-named The morning sickness for when he picked up young boys provided for him by Jimmy Savile of course. Jersey have their own investigation about abuse in the Jersey childcare system.

One man has come forward to say he was raped by Heath when he was 12 years old, the police have said they can't verify those claims. A former police officer has made the claim that a brothel owner who had their brothel less than a mile from Heath's home had a case that involved Heath dropped and covered up. 

Operation Midland has been investigating Heath as part of their looking into a Westminster pedophile ring that involved men from politics, the military and law enforcement agencies, part of the investigation is the alleged murder of 3 young boys. 

 The Queen loves to award honours to all the pedos.

As like Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith a Liberal politician was branded a pedo after he had died and just this year Baron Leon Brittan who was in charge of earlier investigations that somehow vanished including the ones that involved him died so I'm sure he'll be a pedo too. He'll be the most powerful one so it'll be a battle to take him down.

It's too hard to tell who was and wasn't a pedo as the English just give off that pedo vibe naturally. The most successful ones all seem to be life long bachelors too busy for weemen. Leon Brittan had a wife but oddly enough no children ... Aye, Rock Hudson had a wife too, whatever. 

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