Monday, 10 August 2015

Trump's Policies Make Sense

Donald Trump is the man, sure he may not like immigrants, except for the ones he hires so he doesn't have to pay Americans a decent wage .... that's business. Sure he may have raped his then wife Ivana in 1989 but as his lawyers have said, "you can't rape your spouse"  and lawyers know the law so that must be true.

John McCain, don't get him started there. John McCain is the Cecil the lion of the Vietnam war, only famous for failing. Cecil didn't make no propaganda video so fuck off McCain.

Trophy hunting, his sons are excellent shots so why shouldn't they practice on African wildlife? Animals don't feel pain anyways.

Disgusting! .... Boobs are for ditty wanks, not babies!

Breast feeding or using a breast pump, he called it, "disgusting!"  when a staffer got the pump out because he wouldn't let her have a break. Why should those wee fuckers get all the titty? If yer gonna pump milk in public then you should make sure you have enough for everyone.

The Pope has said it's ok to breast feed .... not around him of course because it causes him to barf a little. It's ok in theory like giving your wealth to the poor, just do as I say not as I do. Unlike The Don, the Pope is a hypocrite, who died and put him in charge? .... no one that's who, does God still speak through Pope Benny or does that power pass over with a magical talisman?

The Don says that God would agree with him cos he makes sense.

The Don says that Putin could nuke us at any moment .... he's right, sure we could nuke him back but that isn't the same as doing it first. No one remembers #2, the world only remembers #1 who the fuck remembers Buzz Aldrin, the second man to have allegedly have stepped onto the moon? I don't. I sure don't remember him hitting this dude for saying the moon landing was a fake.  

  • Waterboarding:  Don't be such a pussy, it doesn't seem that bad. 
  • Diversity and tolerance: Gheys should be allowed to marry ... ish, well leave it up to the states.
  • Abortion: Maybe it is murder and should weemen really be given things like choices? 
  • Death penalty: Kill them all. 
  • Corporate tax: Businesses should be tax free, like churches. 
  • Drugs: Legalise them so we can tax them. 
  • Education: End the dumbering doon of American schools. 
  • Climate change: It's a hoax!
  • War: Boots on the ground cos that worked so well all the other times.
  • Immigration: Chip immigrants and put shock collars around their necks. 
  • Police brutality: Try being more white.   
 That polar bear on the ice flow .... what a fucking loser, they can swim ya know.

If scientists didn't predict things 30 - 50 - 1000 years in advance when people forget those predictions or are dead then maybe I'd believe them more. Climate change is real, it changes every fucking minute in the UK. 
Take a photo of outside and then predict the future from that ... that's what scientists are doing considering the world was getting colder after WWII, they don't have a fucking clue, but their rents are getting paid.

Beauty pageants will be used to qualify people for welfare, the ugly potential recipients have to work for benefits digging ditches or on other road gang activities while the good looking ones get reality shows because who doesn't like to look at pretty people?  

Trump is a successful business man and speaks like a working class trucker so he is better qualified than Kenyans or fake cowboys or weemen who think they should be preez because they fucked one. Sure he was bankrupt 4 times but being smart he used his corporations for that, not his own name. That kind of sneaky exploiting loop hole thinking is what makes a good president.

Trump doesn't have time for political correctness, manners or a filter to stop offensive shit from coming out of his mouth ... the cuntry doesn't have time for it either.   

Trump says, "Tell people you’re successful or they won’t know it" which is why you'll hear him telling everyone how great he is all the time. Fuck modesty, Trump is the Ugly American we all know and love, all hail Trump!  

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