Monday, 17 August 2015

Trump Comes Clean

Iowa State Fair has had all the presidential candidates eating meat on sticks and pretending to be human. Donald Trump was there and so was his Sikorsky S-76B because Trump believes in America and in immigrants, as long as they are white and can make million dollar helicopters like Igor Sikorsky could. 

He offered some gormless kids a ride on it and who wouldn't want their child to fly off in a helicopter with Donald Trump? One 9 year -old boy filmed the experience and asked Donald, "are you Batman?" Donald could have easily lied and said, "no you little fucktard, Ben Affleck is Batman, don't you know anything?" Instead he replied, "I am Batman."

There you have it, Donald Trump is the caped vigilante of Gotham, will authorities pursue this matter or will they forget the millions of dollars of damage he has caused over the years in favor of the good he has done?

I always suspected it since Trump Enterprises holds all the bat related patents and his mask has always looked lumpy as if there is a comb over trying to get loose .... oh and the gruff but nasal voice too. He sure has my vote for 2016, even though Marvel is far better.   

  Many have called Ted Cruz The Joker and the rest of the GOP candidates the Insane Clown Posse.

Jeb Bush was heard piping up, "I'm Iron man" but no one cared so in a huff he blamed the failure of the wars in Iraq and the rise of ISIS on Obama and Hilary before he was reminded that his brother had signed for the withdrawal of troops in 2013 ....  doh!
Hilary disappointed Old Knudsen when she chose the pork chop on the stick rather than the corn dogs that previous presidential nopefuls had gone for. The Internet can be so cruel and because of countless memes we had to go without seeing Hilary deep throat a corn dog and licking and swallowing that mustard. 

We'll still have our memories .... comedy gold. 

Somehow Trump still manages to eat the pork chop in a nasty ass manner. He vomited acid over it and sucked up the softened remains.

Bernie Sanders who seems to be the favourite for people who look for honesty and integrity in a candidate though will still probably just vote for Hilary anyways was deemed too old and sweaty and was kept away from the media. 

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