Friday, 21 August 2015

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy Nut Wants Your Money

Joe Jones (likely name) is a hero for truth, he wants America to know that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school 14th December 2012 which killed 20 children and 6 teachers was faked by Liberals who want to take yer guns ....  fucking liberals huh.

According to Jones, no one was killed that day, the school had been closed down and wasn't even in use because of asbestos or something. One of his main points is that were are no Christmas decorations up in the school.

Except for the ones seen in forensic photographs but these are probably all fake.  

Jones an open carry nut from Kentucky has offered $25,000 for irrefutable proof that Sandy Hook even happened. He doesn't need to give proof that it did happen because as he says you can't prove a negative you can only prove a positive. He is still awaiting proof that the werld is round and photoshopped pics from astronauts on a CGI green screen sound stage are not proof.  

He said that if his kid had been killed and some fat fucker keyboard warrior with a big mouth online said that it didn't happen (not his exact words) he'd be at his door with proof and it would be so easy to prove it too. 

Yes because grieving families must really worry what online assholes in buttfuck Kentucky say about them. If a father did show up he'd be branded as a crisis actor and a liar with forged and made up proof. 

    What a classy as fuck guy. 

Jones had his 50th birthday at Hooters, he mentioned that he was old enough to be some of those girls grandfather ..... no that isn't at all creepy. Ach you remind me of my daughter with yer firm tight body and perky tits. 
According to the dating website that he posted his Hooter's picture and another one with a Playboy "model"  on he doesn't want children, he's very picky and I suppose a charmer like him can afford to be. 
No women with children, no fat women, no black women, no Obama voters, no lovers of rap, if you are divorced he demands to know who left whom, and for what reason? 
The college dropout admits to packing on a few extra pounds himself .... no shit, and being a freethinker and NRA member you are sure to get a really interesting and thoughtful person who'll respect you.

If you look like this and know yer place woman.

I'm sure that the parents of the children who were killed at Sandy Hook are glad that it was all made up as are the families of the teachers not really killed there too.

I'm sure that Neil Heslin, the father of 6 year-old Jesse Lewis was comforted by the news it was fake when he testified at a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on 'The Assault Weapons Ban of 2013'. Just look at his fake grief, I bet the whole committee are in on it too.

The parents of 6 year-old Dylan Hockley have been trying to make Dylan's fake death mean something by continuing to fool thousands upon thousands of people by speaking out against guns.They hadn't really thought about gun violence until they were faced with it.  Like people with cancer suddenly getting involved in cancer research.

Dylan was autistic and used to count down the days of school just before he got onto the bus, his last words on that fake Friday morning were, "Last day school, Mummy" .... if you believe that. His brother Jake who survived the shooting had to ask his mom if they could put up a Christmas tree 2 years after the shooting, he got one for his own room as the parents weren't quite ready.

Just right Joe Jones, not having kids means you can see through all this bullshit because empathy is for the weak.
People who don't have kids, never fall in love or never get married often can't relate to those who have had these life experiences. What does Jones know about autistic children? ... Watching Rainman doesn't really count. 

Oh did I mention that if you present Jones with the proof that Sandy Hook was real you have to put up $25,000 too? Yeah now it really sounds like a scam since he is the one who decides what is proof. Well he wants to travel around Europe on his motorcycle and that isn't cheap. Why does he want to go to socialist Europe? To tell them how small, quaint and shit they are of course.

Obviously crisis actors the brother even looks like James Foley, great casting.

People like Jones bug me, no matter what proof is shown to him it's faked or forged or he'll dismiss it as 'high school quality' essays. He says all these people have marriage records, birth records but he wouldn't believe them even if he saw them and who cares if he believes, who is he anyway? .... oh yeah, the center of his own universe.

About people laughing or smiling inappropriately during interviews. I get it Jones, it isn't like the movies in which people cry on cue. These people have had to do numerous interviews saying the same things over and over as if it's the first time, they aren't used to being on TV it seems surreal to them, 'your son was shot to death, how do you feel?'  A small town coroner facing the world press, he giggled and probably took some Valium to get through it. All the conspiracy nuts jump on any inconsistencies they see before all the facts are known. 

Smiling while recounting the good old days when James Foley was alive. 

In the real world people grieve in many different ways, they smile because that is what you do on camera and yer trying to be brave because believe it or not everyone doesn't want to cry in public. They giggle because the whole thing is absurd or they took something to get through it all. I've seen the crisis actors, there was a middle aged woman with brown hair and glasses ... wow what an uncommon type and half those photos are not the same people.

Alex Israel went to the same school as Adam Lanza though she admitted that she had never spoken to him, she does look similar to Katie Foley the sister of James Foley who was beheaded by ISIS but if you hear them both talk and see them move you'd see they were clearly two different people. A common amateur mistake to make from yer mom's spare room in Kentucky.  

Crisis actor alert!

Did the Sandy Hook shooting take place? Who do I believe, my own eyes and senses or some fat Republican with "liberal" issues on the Internet? .... Old Knudsen does not let issues or ideologies do his thinking for him.

Jones doesn't know people, his dating profile tells you that. Sandy Hook happened and the fact that arseholes like Jones choose to belittle it because it doesn't suit their politics shows you what a douch bag he really is.

Just this week a meme saying how Rabbi Ettinger was really a Mossad crisis actor and is the face known as the Muslim rage boy whose real name is Shakeel Ahmad Bhat but don't let my facts get in the way of yer crazy. I suppose Mossad gave him earlobes too, they've improved greatly since my time with them then. 

   Does your face and nose look the same with every facial expression, can't be him, his hair is red.  

The Aurora Shooting happened too as did the many many other shootings because it's too easy to get a hold of a gun in the US. Old Knudsen loves guns but there is a problem in the United States and children are paying the price. Every fat civvie should not have the right to own a gun nor should they be allowed to openly carry one. 
The 2nd Amendment was written hundreds of years ago when keeping slaves in check was important, then it was said to be really about overthrowing the government if need be .... Like how the confederate flag was about slavery but suddenly became about freedom, same thing, same spin.   

The constitution needs updated. 

9/11 also happened and the government just isn't as smart as you think it is. Dylann Roof was a confederate flag loving rednecked racist and Obama isn't a Muslim from Kenya, he's an arsehole from America. It suits some to believe that he isn't American because the truth hurts their mind set. People believe conspiracy to either fill their drab existence with some excitement or to make sense of what they don't understand.

When some people hear a clanking noise in an old house they may think ghost or on the other hand that their pipes are getting warm. 


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